Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Smells like cigarettes and poor life choices...

The lack of blogging is getting worse and worse. I think it's just the lack of motivation and nothing to say.

Started school again. Tough schedule. I'm up at either 7 or 8AM Monday through Thursday. I've NEVER had that kind of school schedule throughout my... 6-7 years of college now? It's a good thing though, it forces me into a normal sleeping schedule.

Tough classes too. Love them though, I'm finally learning nothing but film!
-Film Aesthetics
-Film as Literature
-Photography (Black and White film)
-Greek/Roman Mythology

If you're wondering how mythology relates to film... HUGE relation. The story structure in legends/myths is pretty much the basic story structure for... all stories. Ever. You know, it's the whole: Hero - Wants something/goal - trials and tribulations - resolution: achieves goal/gets girl/learns something, etc. And at the end, lesson learned. No shit, huh?

The photography... LOVE it. I remember doing this in high school and loving it, but this pretty much rekindled my love for black and white photography. I bought myself a camera and plan on going all out with it for the rest of my days. I love the whole process of developing my own film and making my own prints. It's so satisfying and artistically/creatively gratifying. It should sound a bit sexual, I'll continue: It's like the after-glow of sex, only you get to frame it, hang it on a wall, and let people admire it too. "Fuck yeah I took that."

The Director of Photography on the last film apparently called a few people trying to track down my contact info just to recruit me as a grip on her next film project. I'll take that as a compliment. It's a short film for a UCLA grad student's film school thesis project. I've been working on that in addition to school, so I guess I have an excuse for not blogging. That and nothing profound is really happening in life, or in my head. The house we're shooting in has some weird stuff... and the place smells terribly of cigarettes and poor life choices. It's terrible. But it matches the feel of the scene were shooting there so whatever. But I did find this next to our staging area, it's fucking cool. It's a Buddha statue with a WWII-era British army helmet on it. Conclusion: Weird people sometimes have cool shit.

I can't decide on which picture is better. You can clearly see all the detail here:

The sun is awesome here, but it might take away from the coolness of the helmet and it makes it look like just some chinaman's hat.


Roxanne and Lorraine said...

It was a hard choice but I think I'm going with the picture with the cool sun in it.

Also. Don't disappear and go have a cool life and stuff. No one wants that.


Mystic Diva said...

well its not just lack of blogging, its lack of you in keep writing you write super cool.. :)

Mystic Diva
something THEY call life