Monday, January 10, 2011

Sweet Neglect and Snowboarding...

Ahh... sweet neglect. Leaves you guys wanting more doesn't it? I use the same strategy with the bitches. Just kidding (half true). The real reason: I've been busy, and there hasn't been much profound self-actualizing going on, nor anything interesting I've wanted to take the time to write about. That and laziness.

I've been doing a lot of self-therapy lately -- snowboarding. And my new iPhone (I'm a recent convert from 5 years of Blackberry use) enables me to do... EVERYTHING. It's downright ridiculous the capabilities of the iPhone...

I'm shooting for 15+ days of riding this year. I've got 3 days in already, and I think I need to take a break because I may have badly bruised my lower ribs. They're not broken, a hairline fracture is quite a possibility, but they are extremely sensitive to any pressure. The sharp pain from rolling onto my left side in my sleep wakes me up. I guess I shouldn't go tomorrow like I planned. I'll give it a week.

Here's a photo diary of my current season:

Big Bear, CA day trip with Trav. 12/23/2010


Day old powder.

Mt. Baldy 12/30/2010 - Fucking. Mistake.

Went by myself. Huge mistake to go up here the day before New Year's Eve. Hundreds and hundreds of people drove up to this little mountain town resort (Mt. Baldy is not well known) JUST to play in the snow on the side of the road. These people were double/triple parked everywhere they could sort of fit their cars without blocking traffic. On this tiny two lane mountain road, I was less than a mile away from the resort parking lot but it took me an HOUR to get through all these cars. Traffic literally came to a standstill for a full 10 minutes. I almost had a panic attack from being stuck. But... I snapped these lovely pictures:

Ocean view. iPhone Instagram app.

The camera lens did all that by itself. iPhone Instagram app.

Fucking snow play people.

The view from the peak. I've gotta say, Mt. Baldy has the best views out of all the southern California resorts. That's the ocean, people. On a clearer day, you can see Catalina Island.

In addition, this resort only has one way up from the parking lot to the "actual" base -- a long, slow, two person lift from the 70's. When the resort closed, HUNDREDS of people lined up to take the lift back down. I stood in line for an HOUR as the sun died and temperatures dropped to around 15-20 degrees on top of that mountain. Needless to say, me and hundreds of other people were unhappy and freezing our asses off. Fucking inefficient.

Mt. High - 1/4/2011.

Hipstamatic app - John S Lens

Hipstamatic app - John S Lens

Instagram app

Instagram app

Instagram app

Instagram app

Instagram app - Sun setting over the ridge

Instagram app - 5 seconds before the sun died

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Roxanne and Lorraine said...

These pictures make me sort-of-kind-of-maybe want 2 things I almost never want: snow and an iPhone.

If you share that with anyone else, I may have to kill you. Or at least knee you in the balls.

The rib thing sounds painful. Feel better.