Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Daily Bruin article...

Recently, my band Morrownow was interviewed by UCLA's daily publication, The Daily Bruin. A pretty decent University newspaper. I first contacted them asking if they'd like to cover our show near the UCLA campus at a popular college bar called "Westwood Brewing Company" back in October. They answered back saying they don't do coverage, but would like to interview our band since our lead guitarist Jason is a current UCLA student. So the following week a reporter contacted me and we tried to set up a date and time for a band interview. I suggested 8pm the following Friday night at Barney's Beanery near UCLA. Barney's Beanery is a cool franchise of sports bars out here in LA. It's also pretty mellow at 8pm. Nothing is going on that early. The reporter and I go back and forth through emails a bit and she sort of aggressively insists that we meet at Starbucks across the street instead. I oblige. I just thought a quiet bar would be a more relaxed place for an interview, and more... characteristic of our band. You know, somewhere where we can all get a drink together as friends, relax, and be normal... let loose. It also would've been great since a photographer was going to stop by to snap a picture. A picture of the guys at Barney's would be cooler than a picture at Starbucks... Nah meen? But the photographer never even showed up!
Anyways, we all met up at the Starbucks and she asked us some basic questions. Oddly enough, she didn't really pick our brains much which she should've done since the whole point of the article was to spotlight us as the young, up and coming, performing, "student" band that we are.
If you read the article, there is absolutely nothing that interesting. If anything, it makes us sound like were a silly bunch that's "struggling" to find our identity. The article's content is just really bland. Even more so to me because I feel as if she missed out on some very key points we brought up about ourselves. I was really disappointed. She had the full 45 minutes of interview recorded on tape and there was a lot of "interesting" stuff said that she failed to mention. Oh well. I just hope she doesn't go into entertainment because I doubt publicists and public relations would work with her more than once. It was just a really mediocre effort. Bleh.

Also, she misquoted me. I referenced the Sunset Strip music scene as a "classic area" and that it's a mostly "old school rock, or hard rock scene".

Oy... Oh well, publicity is publicity.


Annah said...

Oh my God now you're scaring me. I got interviewed for some magazine but those fuckers aren't publishing it til May. MAY~!

I hope I don't wait seven months for bad publicity that would be awful.

But you know what they say... any publicity is good publicity.

KittyCat said...

UNfortunately anytime you give an interview there is no gaurantee that they will print any of the real shit you said.
Sorry Man, I know it sucks ass.

What kind of music do you guys play? I would love to hear some of it.