Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Fact: I like seasonal beers.

I should've wrote this last week, but school papers that had to be written prevailed. I like October. It starts to get "cold" here in LA, I think up a last-minute Halloween costume, and I start to anticipate opening day for the local ski resorts. And, most bars have specials on Octoberfest brews. Awesome. New Belgium Brewery, the maker of Fat Tire beer is one of my favorites. They always have awesome seasonal beers. Does anybody find it fun to say the word "brewery"? Brew-urr-ree. It always just comes out like you're saying it drunk and slurred, "brewree".

I didn't think I was going to dress up this year, but I ended up going to that huge West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval event with some friends. There were literally like 600,000 people walking around and I saw some pretty amazing costumes. A friend of mine, Jenzie over at her blog, Jenzie Benzie vs. The World, was a girl from the Shake-Weight commercial. Amazing. I had some good ideas for my Halloween costume, but I didn't have enough time to pull them off. Some of my notable ideas:

-Antoine Dodson
-Rufio from Hook (I forgot how amazing this movie is)
-Data from The Goonies

I ended up copying the character "Manmeet" on the new NBC sitcom Outsourced. It's a pretty entertaining show in my book. He showed up to a Halloween party with a magnet around his neck with rubber chickens stuck on it. A Chick-Magnet! Needless to say, I got this costume done in about 30 minutes.

So I wore that around my neck. It worked out well. I got compliments here and there and took some pictures with random people. The best part was that no one else had my costume which is always a good thing. I saw TONS of Antoine Dodsons though. And I love how it took a while for people to register what I was. They'd stare for a while and then you'd see that lightbulb light up when they got it. "I don't even-is that a magnet? I like your rubber chicke-OH! CHICK MAGNET!"


The Trav monster said...

I think your Halloween costume was horrible. You're supposed to dress up as something you're not, not something you are day in day out!

Melanie's Randomness said...

Chick Magnet!! Haha! AWESOME!! Good luck with all the papers!! =)