Friday, November 26, 2010

F'YEAH Picture Friday!...

You know... I have a lot to write about lately, and I'd LOVE to blog it. I just haven't had the time.

No, I lied. I've had SOME time, but I just procrastinate, and get involved with something else. This week has been a weird week too. By no means am I an alcoholic, or feel the need to drink, but by my count, I've gone out (to a bar) every night since last Friday, Saturday, SUNDAY, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Six days in a row. I just realized that. There's no way around seeing that and thinking to yourselves, "That's a bit excessive. He MUST be a closet alcoholic". And... it wouldn't be unreasonable to think that considering the past 6 days. Let's just say I've been really bored and restless this week. There must be some sort of itch I'm trying to scratch, I just don't know what it is yet. Here's how my week went down:

Last Friday and Saturday -- regular going-out days. No problem there.

Sunday -- I was bored and there's this bar I absolutely love called "Piano Bar" in Hollywood. They have live music every night and I LOVE live music. Miles Mosley (Look him up!) plays there every Wednesday and Friday night. I even had my 24th birthday here in September. Anyways, Brother Sal was on the piano that night.

Monday -- Had to go to a restaurant/bar called Hal's in Venice Beach to take in a live Jazz band performance to write a concert report for my Jazz history class. (By the FUCKING way, I got hit on and felt up by a DUDE at the end of the night. Let's just say I got myself out of there QUICK immediately after. Like I said, I have a lot to blog about lately haha. I'll save that for the next post)

Tuesday -- No real reason. I went back home in the city to have dinner with my Aunt and didn't feel like going straight home to my place. I was bored. Called up one of my best buds Josh (also the lead singer for Morrownow) and we grabbed a drink at a cool place called The Other Room out by Venice Beach. It's one of my new favorite places to hang out. Caught up a bit because we don't get to hang as much lately, and also talked about the band's immediate future. We're looking for a new bassist. Anybody know any good bass guitarists in LA?

-- Was in the city, and my buddy Austin gave me a call. He just got off work and was bored. We grabbed a drink at Piano Bar and took in Miles Mosley and his band. I love that band. F'awesome Wednesday.

The thing is, I don't drink to get drunk. At most, I'll have two drinks throughout the night. I like to be able to drive myself places.

****Back to the original reason for this post. Fridays shall from now on be my picture post day called "F'YEAH Picture Friday". I'll post a random picture I found on the internet that I found funny/interesting, or maybe one of myself or something of that nature, or something like that, and stuff, or stuff like that. And shit like that. Either way, it'll be a picture. How exciting. Enjoy.****

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KittyCat said...

I am a social drinker too. I think I drink more during the holidays cause I like to be out where all the buz is. TO see the lights and all the people moving about, on a mission to shop.

Its a very soothing thing to just sit and hang with friends.