Friday, November 26, 2010

F'YEAH Picture Friday!...

You know... I have a lot to write about lately, and I'd LOVE to blog it. I just haven't had the time.

No, I lied. I've had SOME time, but I just procrastinate, and get involved with something else. This week has been a weird week too. By no means am I an alcoholic, or feel the need to drink, but by my count, I've gone out (to a bar) every night since last Friday, Saturday, SUNDAY, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Six days in a row. I just realized that. There's no way around seeing that and thinking to yourselves, "That's a bit excessive. He MUST be a closet alcoholic". And... it wouldn't be unreasonable to think that considering the past 6 days. Let's just say I've been really bored and restless this week. There must be some sort of itch I'm trying to scratch, I just don't know what it is yet. Here's how my week went down:

Last Friday and Saturday -- regular going-out days. No problem there.

Sunday -- I was bored and there's this bar I absolutely love called "Piano Bar" in Hollywood. They have live music every night and I LOVE live music. Miles Mosley (Look him up!) plays there every Wednesday and Friday night. I even had my 24th birthday here in September. Anyways, Brother Sal was on the piano that night.

Monday -- Had to go to a restaurant/bar called Hal's in Venice Beach to take in a live Jazz band performance to write a concert report for my Jazz history class. (By the FUCKING way, I got hit on and felt up by a DUDE at the end of the night. Let's just say I got myself out of there QUICK immediately after. Like I said, I have a lot to blog about lately haha. I'll save that for the next post)

Tuesday -- No real reason. I went back home in the city to have dinner with my Aunt and didn't feel like going straight home to my place. I was bored. Called up one of my best buds Josh (also the lead singer for Morrownow) and we grabbed a drink at a cool place called The Other Room out by Venice Beach. It's one of my new favorite places to hang out. Caught up a bit because we don't get to hang as much lately, and also talked about the band's immediate future. We're looking for a new bassist. Anybody know any good bass guitarists in LA?

-- Was in the city, and my buddy Austin gave me a call. He just got off work and was bored. We grabbed a drink at Piano Bar and took in Miles Mosley and his band. I love that band. F'awesome Wednesday.

The thing is, I don't drink to get drunk. At most, I'll have two drinks throughout the night. I like to be able to drive myself places.

****Back to the original reason for this post. Fridays shall from now on be my picture post day called "F'YEAH Picture Friday". I'll post a random picture I found on the internet that I found funny/interesting, or maybe one of myself or something of that nature, or something like that, and stuff, or stuff like that. And shit like that. Either way, it'll be a picture. How exciting. Enjoy.****

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Daily Bruin article...

Recently, my band Morrownow was interviewed by UCLA's daily publication, The Daily Bruin. A pretty decent University newspaper. I first contacted them asking if they'd like to cover our show near the UCLA campus at a popular college bar called "Westwood Brewing Company" back in October. They answered back saying they don't do coverage, but would like to interview our band since our lead guitarist Jason is a current UCLA student. So the following week a reporter contacted me and we tried to set up a date and time for a band interview. I suggested 8pm the following Friday night at Barney's Beanery near UCLA. Barney's Beanery is a cool franchise of sports bars out here in LA. It's also pretty mellow at 8pm. Nothing is going on that early. The reporter and I go back and forth through emails a bit and she sort of aggressively insists that we meet at Starbucks across the street instead. I oblige. I just thought a quiet bar would be a more relaxed place for an interview, and more... characteristic of our band. You know, somewhere where we can all get a drink together as friends, relax, and be normal... let loose. It also would've been great since a photographer was going to stop by to snap a picture. A picture of the guys at Barney's would be cooler than a picture at Starbucks... Nah meen? But the photographer never even showed up!
Anyways, we all met up at the Starbucks and she asked us some basic questions. Oddly enough, she didn't really pick our brains much which she should've done since the whole point of the article was to spotlight us as the young, up and coming, performing, "student" band that we are.
If you read the article, there is absolutely nothing that interesting. If anything, it makes us sound like were a silly bunch that's "struggling" to find our identity. The article's content is just really bland. Even more so to me because I feel as if she missed out on some very key points we brought up about ourselves. I was really disappointed. She had the full 45 minutes of interview recorded on tape and there was a lot of "interesting" stuff said that she failed to mention. Oh well. I just hope she doesn't go into entertainment because I doubt publicists and public relations would work with her more than once. It was just a really mediocre effort. Bleh.

Also, she misquoted me. I referenced the Sunset Strip music scene as a "classic area" and that it's a mostly "old school rock, or hard rock scene".

Oy... Oh well, publicity is publicity.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Fact: I like seasonal beers.

I should've wrote this last week, but school papers that had to be written prevailed. I like October. It starts to get "cold" here in LA, I think up a last-minute Halloween costume, and I start to anticipate opening day for the local ski resorts. And, most bars have specials on Octoberfest brews. Awesome. New Belgium Brewery, the maker of Fat Tire beer is one of my favorites. They always have awesome seasonal beers. Does anybody find it fun to say the word "brewery"? Brew-urr-ree. It always just comes out like you're saying it drunk and slurred, "brewree".

I didn't think I was going to dress up this year, but I ended up going to that huge West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval event with some friends. There were literally like 600,000 people walking around and I saw some pretty amazing costumes. A friend of mine, Jenzie over at her blog, Jenzie Benzie vs. The World, was a girl from the Shake-Weight commercial. Amazing. I had some good ideas for my Halloween costume, but I didn't have enough time to pull them off. Some of my notable ideas:

-Antoine Dodson
-Rufio from Hook (I forgot how amazing this movie is)
-Data from The Goonies

I ended up copying the character "Manmeet" on the new NBC sitcom Outsourced. It's a pretty entertaining show in my book. He showed up to a Halloween party with a magnet around his neck with rubber chickens stuck on it. A Chick-Magnet! Needless to say, I got this costume done in about 30 minutes.

So I wore that around my neck. It worked out well. I got compliments here and there and took some pictures with random people. The best part was that no one else had my costume which is always a good thing. I saw TONS of Antoine Dodsons though. And I love how it took a while for people to register what I was. They'd stare for a while and then you'd see that lightbulb light up when they got it. "I don't even-is that a magnet? I like your rubber chicke-OH! CHICK MAGNET!"