Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Down with the sickness...

I'm sort of a germ-a-phobe. I'm not too crazy, but I have no problem washing my hands before eating and using Purell after filling up my car with gas. So when I do get sick, it's like a loss in my stats book. I caught a fucking cold! So currently, I'm down by three this year. I usually only get sick at the most once or twice a year. So this blows. It's a bad season for this home team.

So what do I do besides sit at home hopped up on multi-vitamin pills and vitamin C tabs? I catch up on TV shows I never keep up with and surf YouTube!

I'm all caught up on Sons of Anarchy, Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, and Community. I still have to get done with Eastbound and Down and Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

I found this amazing, most-majestic, dumbdiculously ("dumbdiculous" My newly invented word. Feel free to use it and spread the genius into the world. And please refer the roots of it back to my blog.), SEXY video of my future wife, Alison Brie ("Annie" from NBC's Community). The video doesn't have to make much sense when it makes my pants as tight as they become while watching it. Enjoy!

And what else... I watch and browse through a whole bunch of snowboarding stuff. The season is almost here! I can't wait to get some runs in. TJ Schneider's blog is firing back up and he came out with a kick ass, appetite-wetting teaser for this season. He's a pro snowboarder and a VERY talented artist. Take a look at his blog and work HERE.

I need to shake this cold before the weekend. I have drinks to drink with people and places to be!


Christopher said...

everyones getting sick this year for some reason, i blame global warming

eastbound and down is so kick ass, so many great lines (pun intended) in that show

KittyCat said...

Germs! I am some what a germ a phobe. Ppl are my work jack with me all the freakin time.

But I cant help it. I have an excuse/note dude, seriously. I have health issues.

Sorry to hear your sick. Would you like me to send you come emergen C?

and some hand sanitizer.
just sayin.....