Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'd walk a HUGE circle...

I walked a couple miles through an adjacent neighborhood at 1 in the morning the other night. It was nice. I needed to think. Life progression is happening, it's happening fast, and it's happening now.

Throughout the walk, I had several conversations with my inner voice. The first conversation was the realization of how short my left foot's stride was in my walk. The step I take with my left foot is shorter than my right foot's. It's because I broke my left ankle back in 2004 and I guess during the time of recovery I was walking "softly" with my left foot to avoid pain and the habit stuck. Shit. So I guess if I were to ever disappear from this blog after telling you guys I went on a camping/hiking trip out in the desert or something one day, just know that I got lost and to tell the Search and Rescue crew that I'm the guy out in the desert that's probably walking HUGE, 10 mile diameter circles because my left foot's stride is shorter than my right's. Realization: Brent has the inability to walk in a straight line over long distances.
The second conversation I had was of how nice the neighborhood was. It's Hancock Park. It was the Beverly Hills of Los Angeles before Beverly Hills existed. You know in the movies where they establish a setting by showing you the front of a nice, American, middle-class, two story house with a perfect lawn? Yeah well they shoot all of that in this neighborhood. The quintessential middle-class, American home. Needless to say I like the neighborhood. It's so... accessible. If you were to live here you'd step outside and be able to look across the street and wave to your neighbor or flip him off even. In a place like Beverly Hills, everyone's house is behind a 10 foot high wall of concrete, gates, and trees. So isolated. I don't like that. Goal: Be able to afford a house in Hancock Park.
The third conversation was wondering if I'd like the front of my future house to face East or West. I know, absurd. But the more I thought about it, the more important and well thought out it became! The Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. I thought to myself, if my house faced West, I'd walk out the front door of my house in the morning and walk to my car in a shadow. But, you'd think the ideal would be for the sun to shine on the front of your house as you walk out of it in the morning right? Right. I think the same way, you're clearly awesome. ALSO, that means the sun would set on your backyard, which is nice of course. I imagine myself sitting out on a backyard patio or something and watching it go down.

So yeah, I clearly got a lot of important things figured out during that walk (insert sarcasm here). But most importantly, I thought about the fact that I'm moving out and into a place of my own next month. Yup. I said it. I think it's just time, and even though I'm still living at "home" with my Aunt for the purpose of helping her with her business, it's hampering my independence. It's just not good for me to be living at "home" still. I feel like my own life's progression is being slowed. Since school is way out in the valley, I'm going to move out of central LA into the Sherman Oaks or Studio City area. Any closer to the valley than that, I'd shoot myself over the complete immensity of shitty that is -- the valley.

By the way, I found a new musician I've been listening to lately. "Iron and Wine". Acoustic/Folk Rock artist. He has some good stuff. Imagine a Jack Johnson with melodic vocals and a kick ass Jesus beard. Here's one of my favorite songs:

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Jeanette said...

While I've talked about most of this with you, I'm so pumped! Especially for your big move... maybe you'll be around your birdie followers that you sent me a picture of haha.