Thursday, June 17, 2010

Howdy... Here's a script...

Hey there. I haven't had much motivation to blog. Obviously. It's not about you guys reading it either, it has a lot to do with sort of not re-living things as I chronicle events that happen. Disappointments happen all the time yes, but some are huge.

Life is still good however. Disappointments only delay or deviate from happiness a little while. These are times I look at the silver lining.

Good things:
1. Band is doing great. Playing at the famous "The Cat Club" on Sunset Blvd. this Friday night. We just got our EP Album "Our Self" CDs made and printed. We're giving away 15 free CDs away to the first 15 fans that come to the show. Things are going well.

2. Film school in August. Primary focus: Screenwriting. FINALLY, I'm going to be learning and DOING what I've been wanting to do for the past 5 years. No more... other stuff. No more MATH. Ugh. Math. For an Asian, I really fucking hate Math.

3. I'm starting to write again. I've been in such a creative slump lately. I haven't written diddly for a LONG time. It's not even writer's block. It's just been a lack of motivation.

4. I'm playing soccer again. I've been physically inactive for several months. Not even hitting the gym. I consider myself a very athletic guy too. Sometimes laziness just takes over. Especially when all the friends you work out with/play soccer with are away in different cities attending school. lol. But what I experience over and over is that being in shape, and physically healthy, really balances me out mentally too. If I'm in shape and exercising, I rarely get anxiety or stress. I learn my lesson every so often, but of course, I'll get lazy sometimes.

More about my writing. I met a girl at a friend's graduation party over the weekend. My friend just graduated from UCLA. I'm really proud of him too. He's a pure example of someone who grew up in the "bad" side of town, kept his nose clean, attended community college and transferred into one of the best schools in town... AND graduated. It's just a good example of determination and FOCUS. Anyway, about this girl. She's the epitome of ambitious, and these are people I like. A LOT. Because ambitious people motivate me. They shoot high and go for these immensely hard goals, but they inevitably succeed. They're so determined, so driven, and it sometimes confirms my own ambitions. This girl graduated UCLA a year ago, is in the Navy, and is about to attend the Navy's aviation school in August to basically be a fighter pilot. An NFO - Navy flight officer. I believe the Navy has only 255 or so female NFOs. How ambitious is that? That's pretty awesome to me. Just by her personality alone, I could tell her goal is totally reachable for her. I guess I could even go to say ambitious girls are sexy. Yeah. She was pretty attractive... Long story short, I was talking to her today and she DEMANDED to read a script of mine. I think the conversation started off like, "Oh, you manage your friend's band AND you're a screenwriter?" I said, "Well, neither are a big deal. The managing doesn't take too much, and I actually haven't wrote for a while. I'm sort of in a creative slump." "Well, let me read one of your scripts that you wrote!" I couldn't let her down... and I couldn't come off like a poser... so I found a short film script that I wrote a while back. I said to her, "Okay. Give me a sec and I'll go find a script that I'd let someone read, get self conscious about it for a bit, re-write it a bit, and then I'll email it to you". But it was all true. I re-read the script, wanted to change a whole bunch of stuff, changed it around, and I sent her a fresh copy about two hours later!

She liked it.

Would you guys like to read it? You can download it HERE.
Some things to note:
1. "(V.O.)" means "Voice Over". It means there is narration over the scene or in this case, the Voice Over is for parts of where Daniel's (the main character) journal is being read in excerpts in between scenes.
2. All speaking parts would be said in Spanish if it were filmed. "In the North" would translate to "en el norte" in Spanish slang, which basically means "America" in this case.
3. The script was written as a shooting script -- for myself. So there are lots of notes for camera shots. I wrote it to make a short film out of it, which I still plan to do. Just haven't ever gotten the time/equipment/opportunity to do it.
4. It's pretty depressing and dramatic. You'd have to imagine seeing it as a film.