Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blog?... Oh yeah...

Missing in action again. Sorry about that. Lots of stuff going on.

1. The show (5/8/10) was a success! We had about 20+ friends show up to support the band at the Old Town Pub show. With that much of a turn out, we made a good chunk of money. It was a great little bar hidden away in the nice part of snazzy old town Pasadena, CA. There's tons of nice restaurants, clean streets, and cool nightlife in that area, and here was this cool, dive bar, music venue in between it all. It was an awesome night. Here are some pictures:

2. The band had another show the following weekend at a small art theatre in Hollywood called the Neon Venus Art Theatre, owned by the band Neon Venus. They asked if we could play last minute because apparently a band canceled on them. The venue is a drama and acting class theatre by day and underground music venue by night. It was a cool place, although small... very small. So small in fact, I took it upon myself to hand out free ear plugs to everyone there before the band played. Good thing I did, the dimensions of the place made the band extra loud. Another paid gig, although it didn't pay as well. We had about 14 people show up.

The plan is to just play local, small, venues first before jumping into big stage shows at the big venues. We're hoping to build a bigger fan base first so we'll have fans that will support us at the bigger venue shows.

3. Film school is coming around soon. I've been trying to get back in the mode of writing creatively again. Needless to say, I haven't been doing any of that writing for a bit. I've got to get back in the habit of being all... creative again.


Melanie's Randomness said...

I think the band is cute!! That's great that you got a lot of people to show up! That's how it starts!! =)

Best wishes with the upcoming show!!

With the writing, even if it's not film related, I would try to write something everyday to get into the swing of it! I'm rooting for ya Brent! =)

The Trav monster said...

Hey! I think I'll be able to make it to the next show! Carpool? I'll help set up and stuff. An impromptu roadie if you will. But I'm just there to help, I'm not to be passed around amongst the band members, ok?