Sunday, May 30, 2010

Winner, winner, chicken dinner...

So I think for the first time in my life ever... I won a contest. I've never won anything in my life. Thinking back, even in elementary school, out of a small classroom of 15-20 kids, I don't think I even won a raffle contest. Just to throw in there, out of the two baseball league championships I've played in, never won that either. Not a big deal. Contests are all luck. I got lucky!

In Los Angeles, the main rock music radio station is 106.7 FM KROQ (K-Roq). Needless to say, I mostly listen to them. I found myself on their website looking for tickets to Jack Johnson's free benefit concert that he played on the Santa Monica Beach Pier this past Tuesday. Sadly, the tickets were already given away. There were a few other contests though, one of which were movie premiere tickets to the movie, "Get Him to the Greek", starring Jonah Hill and Russell Brand. So I entered the contest. Tuesday morning comes around and I get a call from an unknown number, but the last 4 digits of the phone number I notice were "1-0-6-7"... which I KNEW was KROQ. I answered and they told me I won the movie premiere tickets! Awesome. It wasn't recorded for the radio or anything, and if they did, my reaction would probably have been the most laid-back response ever. I was just like, "Oh cool, that's awesome. Thanks".

I was definitely excited though. I don't get too star struck or impressed by fame however. I'm just not that kind of person. I think it attributes to being around Hollywood people in general growing up. For example: a lot of my friends on my little league baseball and soccer teams growing up had parents in the entertainment business. It was just the particular neighborhood of Hancock Park I grew up near that allowed this. So yeah, I wasn't giddy with excitement.

They sent me a parking pass and an information packet through email. Basically, I would park, get shuttled with everyone else that was attending the premiere, pick up my ticket at will call, and off I go myself +1 guest to the premiere. I thought I would be taken around/chaperoned by KROQ staff or something, but nope. I was on my own. I took my friend Mark, the friend of mine who moved back to D.C. this past Saturday for law school. While he was here, he worked for Paradigm, the #2 talent agency in Hollywood, so I thought he'd appreciate the invitation. So the Greek Theatre was great, it's a pretty famous venue. We waited outside, and there were tons of actors and famous people roaming around with us. The red carpet was set up and the stars of the movie and other miscellaneous famous people walked it. It was an outdoor venue, so it started to get really cold by the time the movie started at 8:30pm. My legs were freezing. We had really good seats, pretty much centered, it was great. All the actors and stars were seated above us, centered and a bit higher up. The movie was GREAT. I loved it. It was hilarious. I mean, I LOVED "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and this was a spin-off from that. They had Russell Brand's character "Aldous Snow". Unfortunately, Jonah Hill wasn't the same character as he was in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. You would think he would be... but he was a new character altogether. No worries, I won't spoil the movie for you guys, but just know they all die in the end. Interesting though, I saw Michael Cera. The way he dresses and acts in the movies? You know, the shy, awkward, yet endearing personality he has? Exactly the same in real life. Didn't really get to meet him because he was talking to a group of people, but he did nod to Mark. He probably recognized him from Paradigm (Michael Cera is represented by Paradigm, and one of their, if not THE biggest current client for Paradigm.)

Overall, a really fun night.

Here are some pictures:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blog?... Oh yeah...

Missing in action again. Sorry about that. Lots of stuff going on.

1. The show (5/8/10) was a success! We had about 20+ friends show up to support the band at the Old Town Pub show. With that much of a turn out, we made a good chunk of money. It was a great little bar hidden away in the nice part of snazzy old town Pasadena, CA. There's tons of nice restaurants, clean streets, and cool nightlife in that area, and here was this cool, dive bar, music venue in between it all. It was an awesome night. Here are some pictures:

2. The band had another show the following weekend at a small art theatre in Hollywood called the Neon Venus Art Theatre, owned by the band Neon Venus. They asked if we could play last minute because apparently a band canceled on them. The venue is a drama and acting class theatre by day and underground music venue by night. It was a cool place, although small... very small. So small in fact, I took it upon myself to hand out free ear plugs to everyone there before the band played. Good thing I did, the dimensions of the place made the band extra loud. Another paid gig, although it didn't pay as well. We had about 14 people show up.

The plan is to just play local, small, venues first before jumping into big stage shows at the big venues. We're hoping to build a bigger fan base first so we'll have fans that will support us at the bigger venue shows.

3. Film school is coming around soon. I've been trying to get back in the mode of writing creatively again. Needless to say, I haven't been doing any of that writing for a bit. I've got to get back in the habit of being all... creative again.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Cool story bro-colli...

So I grabbed a late dinner in the Westwood area of LA (near UCLA) and as I was walking back to my car, a homeless man eating a slice of pizza walked by me and shouted at me "I'm one of the head honchos in Hell! I just wanted to let you know man!" So I said, "Cool story bro" and kept walking. It's safe to say he was pretty schizo. Just wanted to share that. I just thought to myself when he was shouting at me with that mouthful of pizza, "This would only be worth retelling to someone if I respond instead of ignoring him and walking away..." So yeah. Cool story bro.

I'm pretty excited about going back to school in August. Finally. Film school. Finally learning what I've been wanting to go to school for, for all this time. I spent about 4 and a half years in a community college jumping from major to major, practically completing all of the major requirements to transfer with for both English and Sociology on the way. I'm going to need to find a part time job also. I can't imagine myself working a full time job all the while being a full time student. I've done it before during my freshman year, and it was not fun waking up at 4AM to return home at 11PM and repeating it for five days out of seven.

So the band's been making a lot of progress. There's a lot of stuff in the works and I feel good about it all. It's exciting. I got them their first venue gig for the 8th of May and it's a paid gig! Bands usually never get paid to play unless you know, they're a big deal. This one show promoter was so impressed with our demo however, that he offered us one out of two headlining time slots for his "fusion" show. It's on Saturdays, and it's basically a mix of good bands and DJs from different genres. It's $10 at the door but only $5 with a flier, and the band makes $5 for every person that shows up that's there to see us. Awesome. And that money will go directly to printing cards and our EP album CDs. Yep, we have yet to get those printed. It'll be awesome to have those done. Here, take a look at the flier the promoter got made for the upcoming show. Apparently our band was the only one to send him a band logo graphic so our band's name really pops in comparison to the other ones haha.

We invited pretty much everyone we know. Hopefully we'll get quite a few people to show up.