Friday, April 30, 2010


I've found moments during the past week or so where I'd have some good food for thought to write in this blog. Then I would proceed to forget them. But, I have just discovered the amazing, awesomeness of EVERNOTE! If you guys can't survive without post-it notes like I do, you're going to love evernote. It's basically a program/app for your computer OR PHONE where you can basically write notes for yourself to look at later. And the great thing about it is that it synchronizes all the notes you save onto everywhere you have the program. So, if I were to save a note on my blackberry like I do, I could start up the ol' laptop computer and there the note will be also. This is perfect for a guy like me. I come up with little tid bits of ideas all the time for a lot of things but never really get around to remembering or saving them all. So if this thing makes your life easier, I have absolutely no problem taking the credit for it, you all owe me GINORMOUS big time.

I've been thinking about life and the future like I always do... it's clearly a recurring theme in this blog I'm sure. I guess it shows how present and looming the thought about life and the future is in my life. It sort of sucks because it's so fucking scary sometimes. Success. Our society's definition of success basically comes down to monetary wealth. Not wealth of friendship or love, or success in the home, but cold, hard, money. But what if you take a guy like me, who thinks being successful is living a good life and doing things that makes you happy, and combine it with all the things that make me happy... being stuff I need money to do? Haha. What a predicament. I mean, it all just comes down to all the stuff I want to do and experience in life, and all of that costing a butt load of money to do. I'll have to simply make some money first. But then I think to myself, "Well poo... I'll have to spend the prime years of my life focused on making money first instead of enjoying my 20's doing the things I already want to do..." Well too bad bro, just going to have to, and do it quick I guess. It's now my goal. Snowboard around the world? That snowboarding trip to New Zealand to ride in Wanaka? Not going to happen unless you reach monetary success broski. And it's not like the focus of making money is all that foreign or far from me. I'm down with it. I'm okay with it. I have no problem. Of course I do, I'm trying to break into Hollywood. It's just the way it is. You need money to do stuff, and to live how you want, so you've got to make le money. Elementary conclusion, but damn. It's still hard to do isn't it?

This just turned out to be a stream of my thought process. But really... success. Is everyone's goal no? Like my friend likes to say over the phone sometimes when he gets busy and needs to hang up, "B-R-B, (be right back) making money." *Click*

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Jeanette said...

Yeah, I'm right there with you, it's like I really want to go to USC, I feel like I'd be happier, but that's going to make it harder to do things afterward as I'll be so far in debt. Quite the predicament.

Snowboarding around the world definitely sounds like a good time. And I totally agree about wishing it was more about happiness and less about money.