Friday, April 30, 2010


I've found moments during the past week or so where I'd have some good food for thought to write in this blog. Then I would proceed to forget them. But, I have just discovered the amazing, awesomeness of EVERNOTE! If you guys can't survive without post-it notes like I do, you're going to love evernote. It's basically a program/app for your computer OR PHONE where you can basically write notes for yourself to look at later. And the great thing about it is that it synchronizes all the notes you save onto everywhere you have the program. So, if I were to save a note on my blackberry like I do, I could start up the ol' laptop computer and there the note will be also. This is perfect for a guy like me. I come up with little tid bits of ideas all the time for a lot of things but never really get around to remembering or saving them all. So if this thing makes your life easier, I have absolutely no problem taking the credit for it, you all owe me GINORMOUS big time.

I've been thinking about life and the future like I always do... it's clearly a recurring theme in this blog I'm sure. I guess it shows how present and looming the thought about life and the future is in my life. It sort of sucks because it's so fucking scary sometimes. Success. Our society's definition of success basically comes down to monetary wealth. Not wealth of friendship or love, or success in the home, but cold, hard, money. But what if you take a guy like me, who thinks being successful is living a good life and doing things that makes you happy, and combine it with all the things that make me happy... being stuff I need money to do? Haha. What a predicament. I mean, it all just comes down to all the stuff I want to do and experience in life, and all of that costing a butt load of money to do. I'll have to simply make some money first. But then I think to myself, "Well poo... I'll have to spend the prime years of my life focused on making money first instead of enjoying my 20's doing the things I already want to do..." Well too bad bro, just going to have to, and do it quick I guess. It's now my goal. Snowboard around the world? That snowboarding trip to New Zealand to ride in Wanaka? Not going to happen unless you reach monetary success broski. And it's not like the focus of making money is all that foreign or far from me. I'm down with it. I'm okay with it. I have no problem. Of course I do, I'm trying to break into Hollywood. It's just the way it is. You need money to do stuff, and to live how you want, so you've got to make le money. Elementary conclusion, but damn. It's still hard to do isn't it?

This just turned out to be a stream of my thought process. But really... success. Is everyone's goal no? Like my friend likes to say over the phone sometimes when he gets busy and needs to hang up, "B-R-B, (be right back) making money." *Click*

Monday, April 19, 2010

You all complete me...

Ah, it seems I've been keeping to myself lately. Tis' true. I think it's because I've been busy as of late, I've had no time to be as contemplative as I usually am. It may be a bit of laziness too I suppose. Being busy is good for me. It keeps me from over thinking things, and that usually gets me into trouble. It's sort of a tangent, but I see myself, and I'm pretty sure -- seen as a pretty calm person. But in private, I think I can be a pretty anxious person. Especially when it comes to matters of health. I can over think those situations extremely quickly. Just a quirk about me I guess.
Anyway, back on track. I've had some good times over the weekend. There's something that's very subtly satisfying when you're spending time with a friend doing the simplest of activities. I had dinner with a friend from New York that's been living here in LA for the past year and a half. He's never tried pizza in LA because he's heard how bad it is compared to New York. Poppycock/BS. I told him I'd take him to the closest thing to New York pizza in the city, which is "Village Pizzeria" right in the center of Larchmont Village, which is also my favorite part of town in LA. We ordered a 14" pie, one half sausage, the other half with pepperoni, onions, and garlic (obviously the food you order when you're not out to meet girls). What did he think? He LOVED it. "This is ridiculous. I've been here over a year and just when I'm about to leave LA you bring me here? This place is AWESOME" is what he said. You see, he's moving to D.C. to attend law school in the fall. I never hear all that much about D.C., but from what I do hear, it's a pretty "happening" city. I'll be sure to visit him while he's there. So back to the enjoyment of simple moments... So yeah. Dinner with a friend, then subsequent drinks with a friend. After an extremely satisfying pizza and the mass consumption of breath mints after, we grabbed a drink. I guess it's part of life's progress when you and a friend brainstorm on figuring out a bar to go to that is NOT crowded and "happening" on a Saturday night. Neither of us were really in the mood for that sort of scene. We just wanted to relax and talk. We really couldn't think of any bars we knew of to go to so we ended up having a drink on the patio of a quiet restaurant/bar right on the sidewalk of Sunset Blvd. It's moments like those that are so enjoyable in life, yet so simple. Sitting with a friend and having a conversation about whatever. And the fact that you're out. Out of the house, outdoors, around other people, socializing, wherever. We're a social being, and it's just something we need. I'm starting to realize that more and more as time goes on, just how much we need other people around us to really complete our lives.

Morrownow had a show this weekend!
So the band got a spot to perform at Cal State Northridge University's Relay For Life cancer benefit event this past Saturday. It was an outdoor event, and a vast array of students in their respective "Relay for Life" teams were literally camping out in tents in the quad on the campus. The quad was huge, and it sat in front of a massive library. The stage was sort of tiny, but sat right on the edge of the quad below the library's steps. The crowd was... okay. They performed at about 6:30 pm just as the sun was setting and dinner was announced. Everyone got food at the food tent as they were performing so most of the crowd were probably bobbing their heads to the music with a mouthful of food. Several people however, approached the band after their set and expressed how they liked the music and wanted website info. So I guess that was good. We'll have to wait for a reaction at an actual music venue before we can judge how the crowd likes the band. At the moment, I'm working on perfecting and building their press kit to send out to venues.

Escorting the band groupies... just kidding.
Group photo with friends.

(Because of the way the stage coordinator set up the electronics, Josh(black t-shirt) couldn't hook up his pedals in the center of the stage, which is why he's on the left. Significant only because he's the lead vocalist.)

Left to right: Josh - vocals/guitar, Bryan - drums (behind Josh), Tom - Bass guitar, Jason - guitar.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Snowboarding Trip to Big Bear, CA

Hey all.

Well, I went on a 3 day trip to good ol' Big Bear, CA for some snowboarding last week. I got back Friday and ended up jumping right in with some friends and hitting the nightlife over the weekend. I'm still a bit sore believe it or not. The top of my left thigh felt destroyed over the weekend. It was a great trip. I went with my brother from another mother, Travis. He's going to school up north so I don't get to see him much and we've missed doing this trip for the past couple of years so this was a nice change. Yeah, it was just good times with a good friend. We got lucky with the scheduling of the trip as it was expected to rain last Wednesday, the day we planned to drive up. So as we drove up that day, it started to snow pretty good on the mountain. We got there a bit late as we took our time leaving so we took it easy and grabbed a nap before dinner. We went to a place I knew for some BBQ and drinks, ate and drank our fill and played some pool at a bar on the same street. For the week of spring break for a lot of students, it was sort of slow and dead up there. It may have been because the main highway to Big Bear was closed for construction leaving only two other ways up, which makes the trip about a half hour longer.
Thursday was a full day of snowboarding. We know Big Bear pretty well, and a couple of decent/good restaurants we knew there weren't around anymore but we found this gem of a restaurant in the village. It was called the Teddy Bear Restaurant. They had good food at a good price and it was just an overall cool little mountain restaurant. We pretty much ate all of our meals there for the next two days. Awesome breakfast food, awesome home-style cooking, awesome everything.
Thursday night was pretty much our quest to find a cool place to hang out at night. There are only a few bars in the city, but we found this one dive bar in a hidden part of the village. It was a real back-corner of the street kind of place. Apparently though, it's very well known to the locals and the only place open until 2AM. Compared to the other bar we played pool at the night before, we walked in and a pretty busy and rowdy karaoke night was ensuing. Awesome. Basically, we covered all of our bases for the next trip! We now know where to eat again, and where to hang out. On Friday, we chose to snowboard for half the day before leaving to go back home. It was a good decision. We were a little tired and were in the recovery stage from snowboarding the day before, but the few hours of riding in perfect blue-bird weather conditions made it all worthwhile. After the snow on Wednesday, the next two days had perfect spring weather.

I don't know what it is. Snowboarding to me just has so many therapeutic qualities. Even the lift ride up is relaxing. The cool, fresh, mountain air slowly breezing by... a nice sunny day with clear, blue skies... (at least in Southern California ski resorts). Yeah. It's just awesome. I think the season is going to last another 4-5 weeks here with some more rain in the forecast for next week, so I'm sure I'll get some more riding in before the season is over.

I cut a short video of the trip and took some pictures (I'm in the Green and wearing the darker of the sweaters):

Big Bear Snowboarding - March 2010 from Morrownow on Vimeo.

Travis is not dressed like a local.




I think my car should look like this all the time.