Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spicy SALSA...

I had a nice and spicy weekend. It was my buddy Jason's girlfriend's birthday party on Saturday. If you all don't know who Jason is, he's the lead guitarist for the band Morrownow, of which I'm "managing". He called me about a week beforehand and said, "Hey man, are you free next Saturday? We're throwing a salsa dancing party but there aren't enough guys for all of her single friends."

Let's take a moment...


Haha, "not enough guys for all the single girls"... Pffft. I laughed so hard over the phone. I said, "Oh Sorry dude, but I'm going to my friend's salsa dancing party where there are not enough dudes for all the girls!"

One of my best buds, Travis flew down from San Jose last week for spring break. Of course, I brought him along to the party and it was a great time. The party took place at a pool clubhouse so there was a bar, patio, and a game room. Let's just say the ratio of guys to girls more than evened out after, I'm assuming, Jason made a few more calls after he spoke to me. It was still a fun time. I myself, had a female dance partner unlike some other unlucky guys. Nothing really came of it though. She was a nice girl. A pretty entertaining salsa dancing instructor was there and he taught us the basics, some flashy turns, and some sexy moves. It was SO fun. I kind of have a goal now to learn more and get awesome at dancing salsa.

What was funny about the party was that, Jason's girlfriend being 20 years old, most of her friends were around 19-20 years old also. Not much of an age gap whatsoever, but in maturity level? I don't know, there seemed to be a huge difference comparing my circle of friends that were there to her's. Josh, Jason, Travis, and I all hover in the age range of 23-24. Let's just say the younger guys that were there turned the simple game of ping pong into a "LET'S TRY TO HIT THESE PING PONG BALLS AT EACH OTHER AS HARD AS WE CAN!" I was playing a nice game of pool with Josh's girlfriend and then all of a sudden, ping pong balls started to whiz by our heads. Josh, his girlfriend, and I just looked at each other for a moment and then we walked out of the game room in unison. It was just a strange realization of how much more... not necessarily mature we are, I think it's just that we're in a little more progressive life stage I guess you could say. Hmm. Nah, I take that back, it was like we were exponentially more mature than they were even with only a few years of age difference. It was strange, that's all. And another thing was, that they all were attending Santa Monica College, a school that WE ALL went to a few years ago. Hah.

Well since Travis is in town, we are leaving today for our traditional and yearly snowboarding trip up to Big Bear, CA for a few days. The weather report says it should rain lightly today and into the night. That means while we're up there, we might see some fresh snow by Thursday. We could really get lucky and get some quality powder in. I'm excited for it. I'll be back by Friday afternoon and I plan to take tons of pictures and video.

Have a great week everyone.


Jeanette said...

Throwing ping pong balls haha, you should have collected them one at a time, without them noticing until they had none lol

Have fun boarding!

Albert said...

Watched "Swingers" again. This time around, I couldn't help but be reminded of driving around LA and hitting up bars with you. Haha oh man, the last scene where Vince Vaughn thinks he's getting some play from a girl across the restaurant. The best!

Melanie's Randomness said...

haha that's an awesome way to get guys to come to a party!! I'll remember that! lol!