Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New setting...

Whoa. I've been MIA it seems. Well, I've been really busy lately. I just moved into a new condo that my Aunt purchased a few months ago. She's been remodeling it for the past few months and everything came out well. It's her first ever home that she's purchased, and at age 65, I'm really happy for her. She deserves it. Since I'll be starting film school in August, I decided to stay in one of the rooms at the condo for the first semester. The school is out in the valley above central Los Angeles so I'll try out commuting for the first semester and see if I want to move closer on my own. It'd be a 22 mile trip one way. 44 miles every school day plus traffic? We'll see how it works out. We moved in last Thursday and I only grabbed a couple hours of sleep the night before so I was exhausted by the end. I think I made up for it with 14 hours of recovery sleep -- AWESOME. It always feel gross to wake up in the afternoon though.

I have yet to hang my snowboards up on my wall or get some pictures framed to put on my walls, but the furniture placement is set up now. It's a lot smaller than my old room, but I love how I was able to customize everything here. I had 3 walls painted with a really light blue, almost a white hue, and the wall with the balcony doors a darker, grey-blue. It's all about calm and tranquility. I also had a 4-spotlight light fixture put into the ceiling. It's probably my favorite part of the room.

My room, currently:

The significance in all of this is that this room here is and will from now on be, "Home". My aunt purchased this condo to possibly retire in. After all the years of raising me by herself and struggling financially, she's done very well for herself these past few years and this is part of her reward. Her other reward will come after I hopefully sell a screenplay to a major studio and buy her something, like a car. Like I said, she deserves it. After I move on and make my own way, this room will always be the place to come back to every so often. It just makes it more special.

My weekend:
What a weekend. Friday night, I had drinks with Josh and Bryan. It was a rare night off on the weekend for them in between work and Morrownow band practices. It was a good time. I should've capped the drinking to that night, but I also ended up going to a party Saturday night. My friend Mark, who used to work at Paradigm (#2 or 3 Talent Agency in Los Angeles), invited me to an industry party in the Hollywood Hills. I mean "industry" as in the Hollywood/film business. It was a really good opportunity to meet industry people and network so I went. Of course, the house was amazing, and the people were good looking. Most of the guests were up and coming actors/actresses. I got to know a few of them. I've noticed over the years that they all usually have the same story: They're from another part of the country, they come here to make it big, but meanwhile they work at whatever job they can find to pay for their acting classes and iPhone service -- in a nutshell. But wow, some of these literally starving people looked great. It was a great party. Lots of free booze, good music, great view (people and the city), and new people. I also made a few contacts.

Here's to a new setting -- Cheers.

And by the way, I made a music video for the band with a compilation of video footage from the past several months of their progress. I guess you can say it's a music video for their EP Album titled, "Our Self". What do you guys think?

Morrownow's "Our Self" EP Album Music Video from Morrownow on Vimeo.


Aquiles Damiron-Alcantara said...


Moving to new places, finding a new home, or simply trying new things allows us to grow as individuals and explore new aspects of life. Your new rooms looks very nice and seems like you like it a lot. I saw a few trophies on your bookshelf. Where did you get them?

I also have a friend from Boston who is doing film animation in LA. We both came to school for TV production. He continued in the film, while I shifted 180 degrees to politics lol. I still enjoy editing on Final Cut. I have a few things on YouTube.

Hope everything is well,

Jeanette said...

I like the lights haha and the trophies... I'd just like to redo my text message response haha "That's hot" haha

The Trav monster said...

Next time you're taking me to one of those parties in Hollywood! I can imagine just how strange it'll be for me to be there. "So, you're not interested in the entertainment industry at all?" "Well, beyond the latest and greatest screenplay my bro Brent here is writing, not really." lol... Good luck on that lead you got at the party! See you in a little more than a week!

Brent said...

@ Aquiles - Thanks. 2 of the trophies are for youth baseball league championships. Both 2nd place. Never could seem to win one of those. The other is from youth soccer. I also have a couple friends doing animation. They say its a hard deal right now to get a job. Do you mind linking me to your youtube? I have yet to master Final Cut. I've been using Adobe Premier. I should make the switch though.

@ Jeanette - Haha as always. Pretty much the best response you can give when you notice trophies.

@ Trav - Haha, Of course man. Everyone there thought I was an actor. And I would tell them "Nope. Trying to do the whole writing deal" I could've used you as backup! See you in a week!

Aquiles Damiron-Alcantara said...


It is ironic that in a city where thousands of strangers come to find their dreams everyday, you are no outsider, perhaps part of the dream.

These are some links to a couple of things. Like I said, I only did one year of Broadcast Journalism, thus my skills are not the best.

Aquiles Damiron-Alcantara said...

One more link....

I produced this interview and edited it with Final Cut. I find the program easy to use and provides a high quality.

nando.gino said...

great, it must be nice move to a newplace. Good luck for your new semester and your band too.

Albert said...

Your room looks freaking sweet. Good work on the music video, too. Be sure to save it, 'cause once the band blows up, fans will love that kind of early footage.