Friday, March 26, 2010

Manual labor of love...

Wow another week has gone by. It's surprising how time flies sometimes. I can't even really recall what I did this week. Nothing significant besides slight adjustments and remodeling around the new place. A contractor has been coming everyday for the past two weeks still working on little things here and there. He finished on Tuesday finally. No more early morning wake-ups to hammering and sanding. I helped him sand down and refinish/paint the balcony doors and fireplace mantle. Not a big deal. It's been nice working with my hands and being productive that way. I remember as a kid my uncle taught me how to use tools and ever since, I pride myself on my ability to use a lot of them and fix certain things. It's a good and satisfying feeling when you work with your hands. It's like cooking your own food, it tastes better knowing you made it yourself.

I've made the best addition to my room this past week. Remember how I said the studio lighting was my favorite? This is now my favorite:

I put in some cool snowboard wall mounts that I actually found on a blog. They're from I think the boards complete the vibe to my room. It's just a nice, refreshing reminder of something I love and am passionate about every time I look at that wall. I posted the pic on facebook and said, "These are the two girls I wake up to in the morning". I haven't gone riding this season as much as I've wanted to at ALL, but this upcoming week will give me the opportunity to get 3 full days in. One of my best friends is coming back into town on spring break and we're going to Big Bear, CA for a few days. I'm going to take as many pictures and video as I can.

That reminds me, I don't take enough pictures. I remember growing up as a kid, My aunt and I took pictures ALL the time whenever we went somewhere. We have several photo albums dedicated to my trips to Disneyland, little league baseball, etc. But now, I think there's this massive gap of my life that's picture-less from around middle school to... now. I mean yes, I have pictures of myself from the past few years, but I'm just saying I probably won't be able to find anything in physical form that would show what I looked like when I was 14. It's really weird! But now I'm just inspired to record memories and therefore take more pictures. All I have to do now is buy a camera...

OH! Another thing I want to get for my room is a framed poster of my favorite movie, "Swingers":

and maybe this too:


Jeanette said...

They look so good! The wall mounts are awesome! Good job! And! The studio lighting looks good pointing at them!

Albert said...

Cool mounts. At first I thought I was looking at two big band-aids, but then I realized what they were.
Just found "Swingers" on youtube. Need to watch that again. I don't think I appreciated it the first time around. Hope all is well, man.

Brent said...

Thanks. I need to get a camera, the one on my blackberry just doesn't cut it. Like in the snowboard picture, the far wall looks like it's painted a tacky sky blue when in reality, it's a dark slate-gray.

@ Jeanette - haha, I like how you noticed I had one of the studio lights pointing at them directly. We're awesome.

@ Albert - yeah man, watch it again. it's interesting how I like it so much because it's a very mellow movie. there's no really high arc in the plot, but I think the elements of friendship, bro-hood, and new beginnings all come together nicely. I dunno. I love it.