Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Spicy SALSA...

I had a nice and spicy weekend. It was my buddy Jason's girlfriend's birthday party on Saturday. If you all don't know who Jason is, he's the lead guitarist for the band Morrownow, of which I'm "managing". He called me about a week beforehand and said, "Hey man, are you free next Saturday? We're throwing a salsa dancing party but there aren't enough guys for all of her single friends."

Let's take a moment...


Haha, "not enough guys for all the single girls"... Pffft. I laughed so hard over the phone. I said, "Oh Sorry dude, but I'm going to my friend's salsa dancing party where there are not enough dudes for all the girls!"

One of my best buds, Travis flew down from San Jose last week for spring break. Of course, I brought him along to the party and it was a great time. The party took place at a pool clubhouse so there was a bar, patio, and a game room. Let's just say the ratio of guys to girls more than evened out after, I'm assuming, Jason made a few more calls after he spoke to me. It was still a fun time. I myself, had a female dance partner unlike some other unlucky guys. Nothing really came of it though. She was a nice girl. A pretty entertaining salsa dancing instructor was there and he taught us the basics, some flashy turns, and some sexy moves. It was SO fun. I kind of have a goal now to learn more and get awesome at dancing salsa.

What was funny about the party was that, Jason's girlfriend being 20 years old, most of her friends were around 19-20 years old also. Not much of an age gap whatsoever, but in maturity level? I don't know, there seemed to be a huge difference comparing my circle of friends that were there to her's. Josh, Jason, Travis, and I all hover in the age range of 23-24. Let's just say the younger guys that were there turned the simple game of ping pong into a "LET'S TRY TO HIT THESE PING PONG BALLS AT EACH OTHER AS HARD AS WE CAN!" I was playing a nice game of pool with Josh's girlfriend and then all of a sudden, ping pong balls started to whiz by our heads. Josh, his girlfriend, and I just looked at each other for a moment and then we walked out of the game room in unison. It was just a strange realization of how much more... not necessarily mature we are, I think it's just that we're in a little more progressive life stage I guess you could say. Hmm. Nah, I take that back, it was like we were exponentially more mature than they were even with only a few years of age difference. It was strange, that's all. And another thing was, that they all were attending Santa Monica College, a school that WE ALL went to a few years ago. Hah.

Well since Travis is in town, we are leaving today for our traditional and yearly snowboarding trip up to Big Bear, CA for a few days. The weather report says it should rain lightly today and into the night. That means while we're up there, we might see some fresh snow by Thursday. We could really get lucky and get some quality powder in. I'm excited for it. I'll be back by Friday afternoon and I plan to take tons of pictures and video.

Have a great week everyone.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Manual labor of love...

Wow another week has gone by. It's surprising how time flies sometimes. I can't even really recall what I did this week. Nothing significant besides slight adjustments and remodeling around the new place. A contractor has been coming everyday for the past two weeks still working on little things here and there. He finished on Tuesday finally. No more early morning wake-ups to hammering and sanding. I helped him sand down and refinish/paint the balcony doors and fireplace mantle. Not a big deal. It's been nice working with my hands and being productive that way. I remember as a kid my uncle taught me how to use tools and ever since, I pride myself on my ability to use a lot of them and fix certain things. It's a good and satisfying feeling when you work with your hands. It's like cooking your own food, it tastes better knowing you made it yourself.

I've made the best addition to my room this past week. Remember how I said the studio lighting was my favorite? This is now my favorite:

I put in some cool snowboard wall mounts that I actually found on a blog. They're from I think the boards complete the vibe to my room. It's just a nice, refreshing reminder of something I love and am passionate about every time I look at that wall. I posted the pic on facebook and said, "These are the two girls I wake up to in the morning". I haven't gone riding this season as much as I've wanted to at ALL, but this upcoming week will give me the opportunity to get 3 full days in. One of my best friends is coming back into town on spring break and we're going to Big Bear, CA for a few days. I'm going to take as many pictures and video as I can.

That reminds me, I don't take enough pictures. I remember growing up as a kid, My aunt and I took pictures ALL the time whenever we went somewhere. We have several photo albums dedicated to my trips to Disneyland, little league baseball, etc. But now, I think there's this massive gap of my life that's picture-less from around middle school to... now. I mean yes, I have pictures of myself from the past few years, but I'm just saying I probably won't be able to find anything in physical form that would show what I looked like when I was 14. It's really weird! But now I'm just inspired to record memories and therefore take more pictures. All I have to do now is buy a camera...

OH! Another thing I want to get for my room is a framed poster of my favorite movie, "Swingers":

and maybe this too:

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

New setting...

Whoa. I've been MIA it seems. Well, I've been really busy lately. I just moved into a new condo that my Aunt purchased a few months ago. She's been remodeling it for the past few months and everything came out well. It's her first ever home that she's purchased, and at age 65, I'm really happy for her. She deserves it. Since I'll be starting film school in August, I decided to stay in one of the rooms at the condo for the first semester. The school is out in the valley above central Los Angeles so I'll try out commuting for the first semester and see if I want to move closer on my own. It'd be a 22 mile trip one way. 44 miles every school day plus traffic? We'll see how it works out. We moved in last Thursday and I only grabbed a couple hours of sleep the night before so I was exhausted by the end. I think I made up for it with 14 hours of recovery sleep -- AWESOME. It always feel gross to wake up in the afternoon though.

I have yet to hang my snowboards up on my wall or get some pictures framed to put on my walls, but the furniture placement is set up now. It's a lot smaller than my old room, but I love how I was able to customize everything here. I had 3 walls painted with a really light blue, almost a white hue, and the wall with the balcony doors a darker, grey-blue. It's all about calm and tranquility. I also had a 4-spotlight light fixture put into the ceiling. It's probably my favorite part of the room.

My room, currently:

The significance in all of this is that this room here is and will from now on be, "Home". My aunt purchased this condo to possibly retire in. After all the years of raising me by herself and struggling financially, she's done very well for herself these past few years and this is part of her reward. Her other reward will come after I hopefully sell a screenplay to a major studio and buy her something, like a car. Like I said, she deserves it. After I move on and make my own way, this room will always be the place to come back to every so often. It just makes it more special.

My weekend:
What a weekend. Friday night, I had drinks with Josh and Bryan. It was a rare night off on the weekend for them in between work and Morrownow band practices. It was a good time. I should've capped the drinking to that night, but I also ended up going to a party Saturday night. My friend Mark, who used to work at Paradigm (#2 or 3 Talent Agency in Los Angeles), invited me to an industry party in the Hollywood Hills. I mean "industry" as in the Hollywood/film business. It was a really good opportunity to meet industry people and network so I went. Of course, the house was amazing, and the people were good looking. Most of the guests were up and coming actors/actresses. I got to know a few of them. I've noticed over the years that they all usually have the same story: They're from another part of the country, they come here to make it big, but meanwhile they work at whatever job they can find to pay for their acting classes and iPhone service -- in a nutshell. But wow, some of these literally starving people looked great. It was a great party. Lots of free booze, good music, great view (people and the city), and new people. I also made a few contacts.

Here's to a new setting -- Cheers.

And by the way, I made a music video for the band with a compilation of video footage from the past several months of their progress. I guess you can say it's a music video for their EP Album titled, "Our Self". What do you guys think?

Morrownow's "Our Self" EP Album Music Video from Morrownow on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I need a dollar...

I've been uninspired lately.

There hasn't been much self-analytical/profound thoughts happening, but I have come to a realization for myself. It might just be because I'm at the stage of life (20's) where we basically shape and build the base for our futures, or maybe it's just who I am, but I feel as if I'm meant for something more. I don't even know what the hell that means yet. I just feel like there has to be something more. I've thought lately of how most of us live through our lives being in the safe zone: The steady 9 to 5 job that provides just enough for everything. That's all fine and dandy. Totally honorable, and "correct". I have no problem with that, I just feel as if I need something more than that. That if I were to do the same, I'd be completely unsatisfied. Maybe I'm just ignorant, maybe all those 9 to 5'ers ARE unsatisfied, but they have obligations. That's fine too.

Life's a hustle. I feel like some people are out there that are just plain intelligent and talented in so many things, that they can get by doing whatever. Only time will tell if I'm one of those. I don't really want to be one of those people, I know what I want to do. Write. I'm going to hustle my way until I succeed.

New HBO TV Show called, "How to make it in America". The song in the intro of the show is awesome. Do me a favor, and listen to the song. It's great.
Aloe Blacc - I Need a Dollar