Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Recording Studio...

-Left to right: Bryan, Tom, Josh, Jason-

-Me on the left after only 2 hours of sleep the night before.-

So as you all know, I'm managing a rock band that consists of three of my closest friends. If you're a newcomer and didn't know, you do now. YOU'RE WELCOME. Just kidding. The band is called, Morrownow and I'm most likely going to talk about them every so often as it's a time full of excitement and progress for them and myself. I've known Josh, the "frontman", lead vocalist, and guitarist, since I was 8 or 9 years old. We both can't figure out exactly when we started being friends, so we just say age 8. He's one of my closest friends, and in my small category of "best" friends. The drummer, Bryan, I've known since I was 14, a good 9 years. He's also a best friend. The other vocalist, and lead guitarist, is Jason. I've known him since I was about 15. Also a best friend. So as you can imagine, my motivation to work and "make things happen" for them is pretty high and it just exists by default. It's pretty cool being able to hang out with your best buds and help them try to succeed in the music biz. Tom the bassist, I've only known since June of 2009 when he joined the band. He's a cool guy.
I guess I'm saying all of this just to reiterate a bit of what I'm up to lately. Also to show how unique and fun of a situation it is. It's pretty fun and exciting. We've accomplished so much in three months than most bands do in years. The things we've accomplished don't seem like a big deal, but it actually is in the whole scheme of things. Especially when everyone has their respective personal lives with work, school, girlfriends, family, and etc. We've gotten a lot of things done in a mere few months.

Things accomplished:
1. Two professional photoshoots. For free. How? My smooth talking on Craigslist. lol.
2. Networking on multiple websites.
3. Video blogs.
4. Band blog and website(to be upgraded).
5. This past weekend, recorded their first 3-song EP!

These are all things that are still underway. Not much traffic on the band's blog, but that's because they haven't played their first show as Morrownow yet. But now that they have a 3-song EP that'll be done by FRIDAY, I can actually do band manager stuff and get them shows! I'll have a demo to work with! Finally a chance to try to make stuff happen. So yeah, that's been on my mind lately. Since they're all experienced musicians having been in multiple bands and such already, it's not a big deal performing. It's performing together and for the first time as Morrownow that will be the test. Not really a test, but maybe more on the level of a quiz. Josh, Jason, and Bryan were a band for a solid year/year and a half back in 2004 out of high school, so they already have that history. After the first show, the plan is to continuously perform around Hollywood, build a fan base, and improve their performances. In the meantime, I'll look into getting them some radio playtime starting with local college radios and independent stations. We've got to get some music critics from LA WEEKLY to write about us too. And in the midst of all of that, I'll keep producing videos with them so it'll be more engaging for the fans to see the band behind-the-scenes and being themselves. There's been 7 videos already actually, they're really stacking up. There'll be 8 by the end of next weekend by the way. I'm going to make a music video using one of the tracks from the completed demo which I'll get a hard copy of Friday, and I'll cut in footage from the video taken over the weekend of the band in the recording studio. If you'd like to listen to the music, stay tuned over the weekend! And if you'd like a CD... Let me know and I'll send you one! It'll be a while (maybe a month or so) until we start producing official CDs, but in the meantime I can send you a regular burned CD (Autographed? lol). Maybe I should do some sort of blog contest later on. Or maybe I should just be awesome and send it to you for free anyway...

I'll leave you all with a less-than-2-minutes sneak preview video I made of Morrownow in the recording studio. I make an appearance in it halfway through also -- that's motivation right there to watch!
(Watching Bryan, the guy speaking in the beginning of the video, it makes me laugh everytime because if you've seen him in the photoshoot and all, or just him in general, his style can look very "hood" or like some shady character. But when you listen to him speak and catch his mannerisms, you can just tell he's a nice, sweet, optimistic dude, and he is! Which is why he's one of my best buds.) Enjoy.

Sneak Peek at Morrownow in the Recording Studio from Morrownow on Vimeo.

Josh looking comparatively similar to a bust of James Brown. A sign?


Anne. said...

You guys should have some Morrownow stickers printed up. I can totally see them posted around the city! Also, they sound really good; I might have to take you up on that CD offer.

Aquiles Damiron-Alcantara said...


This adventure sounds very cool. I bet the guys have a lot of potential. All it takes is talent and a great marketing campaign. Before you know it, they get a deal.

I look forward to hearing more about the band and yourself and the group's road to success.

I want a CD....! Maybe I can even write a post or song review on Morrownow.

Con aprecio,

Melanie's Randomness said...

Woa I'm not sure if its the guitarist or bassist playing in your video but woa he's good!!! One of my exes was in a band while i dated him & yeah if you guys are making an EP get it out there. I would love to hear it all the way here on the East Coast. Give it to everyone. College radio stations are an awesome idea!! Just get out there. I think you guys are cute & seem really dedicated. Keep at it!! =)

Brent said...

@ Anne: Most definitely we'll have some stickers made soon. After we get those EPs made and printed, it'll be all about fliers and stickers.

@ Aquiles: Thanks man, for sure I'll send you one. And DEFINITELY, a review of the music would be nice. We'll add it to the press kit lol.

@ Mel: Hey Mel! Yeah that was Jason our guitarist playing that whole solo, pretty sick huh? Thanks for the kind words, I'll def send you one.

Aquiles Damiron-Alcantara said...

Hey Brent,

Random thought. Does the band have a twitter account? Perhaps that could be a good way of building a fan group and keeping everyone updated with what M/N is up to.

Just a thought,