Thursday, February 25, 2010


I could've SWORN today was Friday. It's been a weird week. I've been pretty busy, yet the week's been going by super slow. It should go by super fast if you're busy right?

This week's been full and productive, but it was all for work-work: my Aunt's company. But I did however, go out and grab a drink with a couple friends in between it all. That's always fun and relaxing.

As far as girl "J" goes, it's conflicting. I think I'm too sensitive about these things. She texted me yesterday. It was semi-significant only because it's usually me striking up the text conversations. She wanted to know how my week was going. After the past "bleh" Valentine's weekend, I've been in the "whatever" stage of it all. You know, I was going to give it maybe one more date or so to play it by ear. But then this little sliver of light happens (I know, it's really not), and immediately my romantic mode kicked in, thinking up good ideas for another date. I want to shut it off. The idea? Ice skating. She's never been, it's physical/close, and you know, I'm awesome at it. lol. The first sport I actually ever learned was ice hockey at 7 years old (I know, who would've thought that especially in the middle of Los Angeles?). But yeah, I know-I know, stop giving into it. True... true. Must quell the romantic ideas. What I'm going to do is this though: I'll throw her a curveball and not even ask her to hang out this weekend. She's got to have a desire to hang out with me too right? We'll see what happens. At this point I want to be able to say "I couldn't care less", but I do. A little bit.

It's all conflicting. She may actually like me a ton, but she's such a closed off person that it doesn't show and therefore I don't see it going anywhere. What's weird is that most of her close friends that I've met and immediate family all added me on Facebook. Is that supposed to mean something? Or are they just facebook-friend trigger happy? Either way, I'm done with all the thinking.


Josh's Surprise Party cont'd

J didn't make it to this party even though it had all of my closest friends that I wanted her to meet. She instead attended an outing with several friends welcoming back an Army friend that returned from Afghanistan. Probably the best reason ever to have if you don't make it to a get together that's important to me.

ANYWAYS, Here are some pics from the past weekend's Surprise Birthday Party we threw for one of my best friend's... Josh. 3 out of the 4 members of the band Morrownow too! By the way, I'm a goof:

-I've known some of these guys since age 4, literally sharing candies and food with each other during lunch breaks every DAY. I'm the guy trying to eat my friend's head, and birthday boy is in white.

-Had to throw in a normal picture of me (left) with my bud Austin.

-This is my friend Jason almost collapsing from laughing so hard for 2 solid minutes. Why? Because of the picture below...

-And yeah... that's me there creeping in the background. lol.

-And here are all the couples. Everyone had a significant other. Damn couples. But it was okay, me and Austin were just hanging out, and you know, looking cool... being super, awesome bachelors and all... pfft. lol.

In case I don't catch you guys again this week, have a great weekend!


Jeanette said...

I think you need to stop over thinking it. And this is coming from a compulsive over thinker, with absolutely no meanness intended. I always over think things and I'm finally just stopping.

That's my advice anyway. I know it's easier said than done, good luck!

The Trav monster said...

I'm starting to suspect Jeanette(above) is the "J" you're talking about. Lol... j/k.
Anyway, it's probably a good idea to chill things out a bit. Maybe she feels like closing up when she sees you're interested in a romantic relationship. And then when you let loose a bit, she wants to pull you back in. I know, it's a cruel game. But are you going to let her win? lol...

Jeanette said...

haha yeah, I'm starting to suspect that to, every time i read "J" I'm like "Me?! oh no, okay" haha. It's like when you think someone is waving at you when they're waving at someone behind you. Awkward....