Sunday, January 17, 2010


...well, with the down-time I had, it gave me some perspective. Even though J seems great and all, I really want to be careful and go slow. I can't "settle". Settle as in, letting myself fall for someone that's not very "right" for me. Why? Because honestly, I'm in a stage at the moment where I'm lonely. Not a depressed-lonely, No. Just the regular lonely. All my friends at the moment are in relationships, and you know -- I'm at that age and stage of my life where I also want to be with someone. Someone to lean on, relate to, and just to experience that warm, toasty feeling in the chest that you get when someone you care about is there with you. To share the moments and time together with. Another warm body. Someone that leaves their fingerprints on your heart. (That last bit about the fingerprints comes from the lyrics of a Morrownow song called, "Fingerprints" on the "Courting a Fall" album on iTunes... by the way. lol. For real though! Not shameless plugging! I swears it.) I've never had any long-term relationships really, so it'd be a nice change. I'm just going to take it as slow as possible. 'Tis all.

Morrownow Update:
So there's been a lot of progress with the band this past month. Well, we had those two photoshoots done during the month of December, and we got our finished and edited photos from the 1st shoot back. The 2nd is taking a little longer than expected, but it should be pretty awesome. The 1st ones came out great though. I edited a short video of the shoot that includes some of the photos in the video, and some pretty hilarious moments that happened within. Be sure to give the video a watch, and tell me what you think. Feedback on any work I do is you know -- awesome. They're planning to record their first EP album of 3 songs at the end of this month on the 30th, and 31st. It takes about a week of turn around -- to edit the music and put it through production. After that, I'll be finding the guys their very first gigs to play in February. No doubt I'll film that and cut it into video also. Exciting times to come! It feels great to be part of something with my best friends, developing, and progressing as a group in something like the music business. I'll keep you guys posted here for sure, but take a look at the Morrownow Blog too when you get a chance at:

Have a great week everyone! It's apparently going to rain here in Los Angeles all week, so I have no doubt I'll be snowboarding sometime this week.

Photoshoot with Ryan Guzdzial 12.1.09 from Morrownow on Vimeo.


Jeanette said...

Holy updates Batman!

It was great to wake up to so many new things haha. I know we talked about your J situation and you seem to have your head in the right place, you'll get it haha. And I totally have "Fingerprints" on my iTunes.

Alright, I'm going to the Morrownow post for the rest of my comments.

Melanie's Randomness said...

I think the band is adorable. Photo Shoots, thats great steps in the right direction & it lets than have the feel of being a real band.

Oh dear sorry to hear you've been sick. It is so boring to just sit there. I completely understand being lonely. People automatically think your depressed when you say that but its a completely different feeling. Maybe some time apart is a good thing. It lets you see if you want that person in your life for real instead of just following the momentum.

I'm going to check out morrownow. I lke that name. Feel better!!!