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Friday, December 17, 2010

F'YEAH Picture Friday #4...

If you don't watch this show, you're mistaken.

Awkward [as fuck] family photo. This reminds me, I need a new pair of jeans.

Friday, December 10, 2010

F'YEAH Picture Friday #3...

Final exams week. Lame.

I did a final paper for my Film Aesthetics class on Sergio Leone's Once Upon a Time in the West. Fucking awesome and GORGEOUS film by the way. I never saw it, and I was completely blown away by it when I watched it this week. It was basically a 2 hour, 45 minute long, epic action/western/art film. Cinematically, it's gorgeous. It's like porn for filmmakers.

I may have put this clip up already in the past, but here it is again. It's an edited clip of the ending with music from Arcade Fire. Amazing music video too. Warning: it's a spoiler.

Some funny stuff:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Oh you so crazyyy...

Today's youth is scary.

lol. wtf.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

F'YEAH Picture Friday #2...

Damn, I'm late.

Anyways. Here's a facebook post I found amusing. If you don't know who the guy in the picture is, you really should... The "President" of Iran. Make note of the photo caption in the pic.


I laughed my ass off when I saw this:

Don't get it? You need to catch up on current events. Catch up HERE and HERE.

Happy Weekend.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Whoa dude...

To explain what happened regarding the "Monday" part of my last post, yeah... I was hit on by a dude. It was pretty awkward to say the least. I was at a normal bar in Venice beach doing a concert report on a jazz band for a Jazz history class I'm taking this semester (great class by the way). I was sitting at the bar all by my lonesome and having a couple beers. There was nothing unusual going on. By the time the band was ending their set at around 1 am, the bar was pretty sparsely populated. While I was there, I was chatting with another jazz fan that was sitting next to me. He was just a friendly, straight, dude that apparently was a regular. Anyway, he leaves and I was sat there at the bar alone for a minute. This dude a few seats away, drunk... scoots over next to me and starts to softly sing -- to me. Softly and inconspicuously. What did I do? I ignored him, and instead my eyes were glued to the TV watching ESPN's sports highlights for the day. Not many people were around at this point, and he was singing, very subtly... to me, so it wasn't very noticeable or embarrassing. This goes on for about a minute. So I take out my phone and was about to tweet "Holy shit, I'm being serenaded by a dude at the moment", but I was interrupted when he abruptly stops and says, "You are too cute. You are just too cute... And you think I'm a joke. You think I'm a joke."

So after an awkward pause I say, "Uhh... Nah man, I'm just... writing and watching ESPN..."

Long, awkward, fucking, PAUSE.


So I of course, continue to ignore him. I wasn't giving him the time of day. He wasn't like, invading my space or anything, he wasn't embarrassing me, he wasn't bothering me, and I was just finishing up the report and about to leave anyway, so I let it go... UNTIL -- I feel a hand suddenly, disgustingly, and ever-so-fucking-gently squeeze the inner thigh of my left leg. What. The. Fuck. So with my ninja-fast reflexes, I remove his hand and say "No dude. Don't do that." All serious faced, because I was seriously serious. My metaphorical serious pants were now on. Not cool. I got up and left after that. It felt pretty gross. I felt pretty gross. Ladies, I think I've experienced something most girls must have experienced also. I think I now know your pain of going out, looking good, and some gross creeper comes out of fucking nowhere thinking he can just touch you. Ugh. Gross.(I laughed so hard as I typed that) Forget the drink in the face or the slap, just knuckle up and let it rip!

After telling this story to a couple friends, some have remarked, "I woulda hit him. Why didn't you hit him?" Why? Because I didn't expect it at all! The dude was just singing, and frankly, I was unprepared for the possibility of him actually having the audacity to reach over and feel me up. It wasn't even on my mind. I was busy writing in a notebook, and I was in a bar with people who had no idea of what was happening, so it would've come clear out of the blue for me to straight up hit him. Also, I was on a bar stool. Hard to punch whilst sitting on a bar stool. Additionally, I don't think I would've hit him anyway. Mostly because he was drunk, and I prefer to keep cool. AND I am a pretty good looking dude, so... it was understandable. LOL.

Now mind you, I have no problem with homosexuality. I don't hold any prejudice against gays in any way, and in fact, I have gay friends. The issue here would be a universal problem for anyone -- you don't touch someone like that. It's just wrong to invade someone's personal space like that especially if they're not giving you the time of day. If a dude were to do that to a girl, they would get slapped. It's just not welcome.

So yeah, that was interesting and new. Not a good new, just new.

Friday, November 26, 2010

F'YEAH Picture Friday!...

You know... I have a lot to write about lately, and I'd LOVE to blog it. I just haven't had the time.

No, I lied. I've had SOME time, but I just procrastinate, and get involved with something else. This week has been a weird week too. By no means am I an alcoholic, or feel the need to drink, but by my count, I've gone out (to a bar) every night since last Friday, Saturday, SUNDAY, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Six days in a row. I just realized that. There's no way around seeing that and thinking to yourselves, "That's a bit excessive. He MUST be a closet alcoholic". And... it wouldn't be unreasonable to think that considering the past 6 days. Let's just say I've been really bored and restless this week. There must be some sort of itch I'm trying to scratch, I just don't know what it is yet. Here's how my week went down:

Last Friday and Saturday -- regular going-out days. No problem there.

Sunday -- I was bored and there's this bar I absolutely love called "Piano Bar" in Hollywood. They have live music every night and I LOVE live music. Miles Mosley (Look him up!) plays there every Wednesday and Friday night. I even had my 24th birthday here in September. Anyways, Brother Sal was on the piano that night.

Monday -- Had to go to a restaurant/bar called Hal's in Venice Beach to take in a live Jazz band performance to write a concert report for my Jazz history class. (By the FUCKING way, I got hit on and felt up by a DUDE at the end of the night. Let's just say I got myself out of there QUICK immediately after. Like I said, I have a lot to blog about lately haha. I'll save that for the next post)

Tuesday -- No real reason. I went back home in the city to have dinner with my Aunt and didn't feel like going straight home to my place. I was bored. Called up one of my best buds Josh (also the lead singer for Morrownow) and we grabbed a drink at a cool place called The Other Room out by Venice Beach. It's one of my new favorite places to hang out. Caught up a bit because we don't get to hang as much lately, and also talked about the band's immediate future. We're looking for a new bassist. Anybody know any good bass guitarists in LA?

-- Was in the city, and my buddy Austin gave me a call. He just got off work and was bored. We grabbed a drink at Piano Bar and took in Miles Mosley and his band. I love that band. F'awesome Wednesday.

The thing is, I don't drink to get drunk. At most, I'll have two drinks throughout the night. I like to be able to drive myself places.

****Back to the original reason for this post. Fridays shall from now on be my picture post day called "F'YEAH Picture Friday". I'll post a random picture I found on the internet that I found funny/interesting, or maybe one of myself or something of that nature, or something like that, and stuff, or stuff like that. And shit like that. Either way, it'll be a picture. How exciting. Enjoy.****

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Daily Bruin article...

Recently, my band Morrownow was interviewed by UCLA's daily publication, The Daily Bruin. A pretty decent University newspaper. I first contacted them asking if they'd like to cover our show near the UCLA campus at a popular college bar called "Westwood Brewing Company" back in October. They answered back saying they don't do coverage, but would like to interview our band since our lead guitarist Jason is a current UCLA student. So the following week a reporter contacted me and we tried to set up a date and time for a band interview. I suggested 8pm the following Friday night at Barney's Beanery near UCLA. Barney's Beanery is a cool franchise of sports bars out here in LA. It's also pretty mellow at 8pm. Nothing is going on that early. The reporter and I go back and forth through emails a bit and she sort of aggressively insists that we meet at Starbucks across the street instead. I oblige. I just thought a quiet bar would be a more relaxed place for an interview, and more... characteristic of our band. You know, somewhere where we can all get a drink together as friends, relax, and be normal... let loose. It also would've been great since a photographer was going to stop by to snap a picture. A picture of the guys at Barney's would be cooler than a picture at Starbucks... Nah meen? But the photographer never even showed up!
Anyways, we all met up at the Starbucks and she asked us some basic questions. Oddly enough, she didn't really pick our brains much which she should've done since the whole point of the article was to spotlight us as the young, up and coming, performing, "student" band that we are.
If you read the article, there is absolutely nothing that interesting. If anything, it makes us sound like were a silly bunch that's "struggling" to find our identity. The article's content is just really bland. Even more so to me because I feel as if she missed out on some very key points we brought up about ourselves. I was really disappointed. She had the full 45 minutes of interview recorded on tape and there was a lot of "interesting" stuff said that she failed to mention. Oh well. I just hope she doesn't go into entertainment because I doubt publicists and public relations would work with her more than once. It was just a really mediocre effort. Bleh.

Also, she misquoted me. I referenced the Sunset Strip music scene as a "classic area" and that it's a mostly "old school rock, or hard rock scene".

Oy... Oh well, publicity is publicity.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Fact: I like seasonal beers.

I should've wrote this last week, but school papers that had to be written prevailed. I like October. It starts to get "cold" here in LA, I think up a last-minute Halloween costume, and I start to anticipate opening day for the local ski resorts. And, most bars have specials on Octoberfest brews. Awesome. New Belgium Brewery, the maker of Fat Tire beer is one of my favorites. They always have awesome seasonal beers. Does anybody find it fun to say the word "brewery"? Brew-urr-ree. It always just comes out like you're saying it drunk and slurred, "brewree".

I didn't think I was going to dress up this year, but I ended up going to that huge West Hollywood Halloween Carnaval event with some friends. There were literally like 600,000 people walking around and I saw some pretty amazing costumes. A friend of mine, Jenzie over at her blog, Jenzie Benzie vs. The World, was a girl from the Shake-Weight commercial. Amazing. I had some good ideas for my Halloween costume, but I didn't have enough time to pull them off. Some of my notable ideas:

-Antoine Dodson
-Rufio from Hook (I forgot how amazing this movie is)
-Data from The Goonies

I ended up copying the character "Manmeet" on the new NBC sitcom Outsourced. It's a pretty entertaining show in my book. He showed up to a Halloween party with a magnet around his neck with rubber chickens stuck on it. A Chick-Magnet! Needless to say, I got this costume done in about 30 minutes.

So I wore that around my neck. It worked out well. I got compliments here and there and took some pictures with random people. The best part was that no one else had my costume which is always a good thing. I saw TONS of Antoine Dodsons though. And I love how it took a while for people to register what I was. They'd stare for a while and then you'd see that lightbulb light up when they got it. "I don't even-is that a magnet? I like your rubber chicke-OH! CHICK MAGNET!"

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Down with the sickness...

I'm sort of a germ-a-phobe. I'm not too crazy, but I have no problem washing my hands before eating and using Purell after filling up my car with gas. So when I do get sick, it's like a loss in my stats book. I caught a fucking cold! So currently, I'm down by three this year. I usually only get sick at the most once or twice a year. So this blows. It's a bad season for this home team.

So what do I do besides sit at home hopped up on multi-vitamin pills and vitamin C tabs? I catch up on TV shows I never keep up with and surf YouTube!

I'm all caught up on Sons of Anarchy, Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, and Community. I still have to get done with Eastbound and Down and Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

I found this amazing, most-majestic, dumbdiculously ("dumbdiculous" My newly invented word. Feel free to use it and spread the genius into the world. And please refer the roots of it back to my blog.), SEXY video of my future wife, Alison Brie ("Annie" from NBC's Community). The video doesn't have to make much sense when it makes my pants as tight as they become while watching it. Enjoy!

And what else... I watch and browse through a whole bunch of snowboarding stuff. The season is almost here! I can't wait to get some runs in. TJ Schneider's blog is firing back up and he came out with a kick ass, appetite-wetting teaser for this season. He's a pro snowboarder and a VERY talented artist. Take a look at his blog and work HERE.

I need to shake this cold before the weekend. I have drinks to drink with people and places to be!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Man Food #1 - Makin' do... with clams...

I am a man. I cook for myself. I eat man food.

Now -- I'd like to consider myself a modern man. A man that cooks for himself and eats well. A man that takes care of his own home and himself. It's the ideal now, is it not? Personally, I don't even think the "ideal" should exist. I think being able to take care of yourself completely is what constitutes being a "man" in the first place.

Cooking. I like cooking. I'm even beginning to love it and I want to get better at it. I have a decent palette and some creativity and it usually gets me by. My Men's Health magazine cookbook -- a binder I have filled with recipes accumulated from 5 years worth of subscription, helps out too (Each issue usually has 3-5 recipes). I find that more often than not, I'll open my refrigerator and I'll make do with whatever I have and whip something up... like a fucking man.

I went home last weekend to do laundry like I usually do and my Aunt tells me she bought me a whole bag of clams... Why? No reason. She just said they had a great deal at Costco so she grabbed them. Now when I look into my freezer, I see my two rib-eye steaks, two sea bass filets, a quart of ice cream, 3 frosty beer mugs, and now this ginormous bag of clams.

I put a dent in the bag tonight. Here's what I made:

Clam/Chorizo Hobo Packs:
This particular "hobo pack" (just a tin foil pack of food that you toss on the grill like a fucking man) was a recipe in Men's Health. I just took it and whipped up my own version and made do with what I had -- like a fucking... you get it. I didn't have Chorizo, but I did have Polish Keilbasa sausage that I was going to use to make my friend's recipe for a Hungarian-stew-potato pot thingy, but like a man, I said "Fuck that!" and used it to make this instead.

What I made-do with (Makes 2 packs):
-Ginormous bag of clams. I used 20.
-4 cloves garlic - crushed
-half of a white onion - diced
-2 "stalks"? of green onion - chopped
-2 tbsp of butter
-basil flakes
-Rolling Rock beer
-Keilbasa sausage
-tin foil
-baby green salad
-mashed potatoes

I did the usual, soaked and cleaned the clams, chopped up the ingredients, and had a beer while I was at it.

Step by step:


I fucking chopped these like a man.

As a man, I didn't like chopping the sausage.

Make an aluminum foil pouch and toss in 10 clams - like a man. I'm serious, TOSS, don't daintily place.

Toss in everything else. I tossed in 1 tbsp of butter, 2 cloves of crushed garlic, salt, pepper, the sausage, and the onions. After everything, pour in some beer! Close up the pouch tightly!

Now, like a man, throw the pouches as hard as you can on the grill! No, just kidding. Just gently place them on the grill. Don't let the pouch rip thus letting all the beer leak out -- PARTY FOUL. I left mine on the grill for 10 minutes on high heat with the cover closed. Clams came out perfectly cooked. It probably varies for everyone 10-15 minutes.

The recipe originally calls for the pouch to have cubes of raw potato in there with it all. But I had a container of mashed potatoes from Gelson's market so yeah. As for the baby green salad, I like to do the good ol' olive oil and balsamic toss.

This is what it looks like when it's done and a man is about to eat it. Enjoy with the rest of the beer.

All in all, it was pretty awesome. I do however see why the recipe calls for Chorizo sausage. It was missing a bit of spice, a bit of MANLY kick. Chorizo would've brought it home. Keilbasa is just way too mild and mellow. For the second pouch, I used white wine instead of beer and it actually turned out better. It had a sweeter aftertaste. I'd also recommend squeezing the lemon wedge into the pouch BEFORE cooking. It balances it all out better that way.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

No touchy-touchy... BRO...

I went out to a couple places for drinks this weekend with an old friend. We checked out a couple places in West Hollywood called The Surly Goat and Bar Lubitsch. The Surly Goat is a pretty cool beer bar. I like craft beers so naturally, I liked their selection. It was a good sized crowd too. To me though, it's more of a hang-out bar, like a place to go to on a weekday. I've been meaning to check out Bar Lubitsch forever now, I just never got around to doing it. It's pretty cool. Packed full of people, but a good looking crowd. My circle of friends have all been trying to find new places to hang out lately. Our tastes have gotten a bit more refined I guess. All the usual places just aren't that fun anymore and getting old. I think I'll be coming back to Bar Lubitsch more often though.

The Touchy-Touchy...
I like places with a good amount of people, but when it's way too crowded with people packed into every open space, it blows. And I hate when there's a constant stream of people squeezing through and they get all up in yo personal space and shit yo. The ladies squeezin' through I don't mind all that much for obvious reasons, but when dudes come rambling through all macho-like, it irritates the shit out of me. It's like, "Bro/Dude/D-Bag, just lightly tap me on the shoulder and say 'Excue meh' and I'll make some room for you broski". And guys, please don't do the following:

1. Letting your hand linger on my shoulder longer than necessary
2. The surprisingly thorough shoulder squeeze/massage
3. The lingering two hand squeeze on both sides of my fucking waist.

Don't do the third one -- Ever, actually. It's not cool.

I see your plight ladies. We dudes are fucking gross.

But girls, move #3 is totally okay for you to do to guys, but don't be surprised if we start hitting on you.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

New home...

I moved into my new place in mid-August. It's pretty fuckin' sweet having my own place. You wouldn't think so, but it's a lot less stressful than living at home for some reason. Granted that I was already on my own at home and for the most part, doing my own thing the whole time, but still... There's just something that's refreshing and freeing about having a space to call your own. I'm pretty much settled in and I'm 90% through making the space my own with some posters and snowboards mounted on the walls. I love it.

It's a studio apartment, so there's not much space to work with, but I like it. It's all I really need. Here's a look:

I was actually afraid I might get lonely living out in the valley, away from central Los Angeles, my friends, and being alone. But after these couple of months, I'm totally fine. I actually enjoy the solitude during the week, and the trips down to LA over the weekend to see friends/family. The solitude has actually made me more productive. No distractions. It haven't been lonely at all.. I think me being busy with school and the routine of life in general helps with that too. Life's been good.

More later.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Moving on...

Not that I'm going to make a habit out of posting only once a month, but I just thought I'd even things up. I'm symmetrical like that.

I'm moving out! And into my own place. Progression. It's what life's about.

I was having drinks with my buddy Jason the other week and we stumbled upon "What's the best way to live life?" I don't know how we came upon that subject but it's not surprising since we are nearing our mid-20's and life is constantly revolving around us and slapping us in the face. I answered Jason's question. I'm going to skip the slurring of words and the thorough, yet round-about explanation I gave him and paraphrase for you guys.

-I think our lives are all about progressing ourselves, and achieving what we want. It's about growing as an individual, as a person, and as a part of society as a whole. I think it should be our goal to grow as much as we can and better one's self throughout the rest of our lives. It's just a matter of how you do it. I think it's a problem when we get too comfortable with how life is lived too. It means we've plateaued. I've said it before and I'll say it again, but now I've got a handle on exactly what I mean by it. It's my criticism of the 9 to 5. There's nothing wrong with the 9 to 5, the day to day living. It's just lame when you stop progressing/growing as a person while you do it. I imagine myself, if I were to have a career, that BEYOND my day job, I'd be out learning, growing, being active, and bettering myself as a person with other activities. Basically, I'd still be progressing. I think that's what life is all about. We shouldn't get too comfortable in a rut. Get out, change it up, do something new. Keep growing.

I've grown comfortable living at home. Too comfortable. I still have an independent lifestyle, but I've had the luxury of having too many things done for me. I didn't like it and the comfort grew terribly uncomfortable. I plateaued. Plateaued fucking hard. So I made a change, and shook things up big time. I'm progressing again.

See you guys when I move into my new place.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'd walk a HUGE circle...

I walked a couple miles through an adjacent neighborhood at 1 in the morning the other night. It was nice. I needed to think. Life progression is happening, it's happening fast, and it's happening now.

Throughout the walk, I had several conversations with my inner voice. The first conversation was the realization of how short my left foot's stride was in my walk. The step I take with my left foot is shorter than my right foot's. It's because I broke my left ankle back in 2004 and I guess during the time of recovery I was walking "softly" with my left foot to avoid pain and the habit stuck. Shit. So I guess if I were to ever disappear from this blog after telling you guys I went on a camping/hiking trip out in the desert or something one day, just know that I got lost and to tell the Search and Rescue crew that I'm the guy out in the desert that's probably walking HUGE, 10 mile diameter circles because my left foot's stride is shorter than my right's. Realization: Brent has the inability to walk in a straight line over long distances.
The second conversation I had was of how nice the neighborhood was. It's Hancock Park. It was the Beverly Hills of Los Angeles before Beverly Hills existed. You know in the movies where they establish a setting by showing you the front of a nice, American, middle-class, two story house with a perfect lawn? Yeah well they shoot all of that in this neighborhood. The quintessential middle-class, American home. Needless to say I like the neighborhood. It's so... accessible. If you were to live here you'd step outside and be able to look across the street and wave to your neighbor or flip him off even. In a place like Beverly Hills, everyone's house is behind a 10 foot high wall of concrete, gates, and trees. So isolated. I don't like that. Goal: Be able to afford a house in Hancock Park.
The third conversation was wondering if I'd like the front of my future house to face East or West. I know, absurd. But the more I thought about it, the more important and well thought out it became! The Sun rises in the East and sets in the West. I thought to myself, if my house faced West, I'd walk out the front door of my house in the morning and walk to my car in a shadow. But, you'd think the ideal would be for the sun to shine on the front of your house as you walk out of it in the morning right? Right. I think the same way, you're clearly awesome. ALSO, that means the sun would set on your backyard, which is nice of course. I imagine myself sitting out on a backyard patio or something and watching it go down.

So yeah, I clearly got a lot of important things figured out during that walk (insert sarcasm here). But most importantly, I thought about the fact that I'm moving out and into a place of my own next month. Yup. I said it. I think it's just time, and even though I'm still living at "home" with my Aunt for the purpose of helping her with her business, it's hampering my independence. It's just not good for me to be living at "home" still. I feel like my own life's progression is being slowed. Since school is way out in the valley, I'm going to move out of central LA into the Sherman Oaks or Studio City area. Any closer to the valley than that, I'd shoot myself over the complete immensity of shitty that is -- the valley.

By the way, I found a new musician I've been listening to lately. "Iron and Wine". Acoustic/Folk Rock artist. He has some good stuff. Imagine a Jack Johnson with melodic vocals and a kick ass Jesus beard. Here's one of my favorite songs:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Howdy... Here's a script...

Hey there. I haven't had much motivation to blog. Obviously. It's not about you guys reading it either, it has a lot to do with sort of not re-living things as I chronicle events that happen. Disappointments happen all the time yes, but some are huge.

Life is still good however. Disappointments only delay or deviate from happiness a little while. These are times I look at the silver lining.

Good things:
1. Band is doing great. Playing at the famous "The Cat Club" on Sunset Blvd. this Friday night. We just got our EP Album "Our Self" CDs made and printed. We're giving away 15 free CDs away to the first 15 fans that come to the show. Things are going well.

2. Film school in August. Primary focus: Screenwriting. FINALLY, I'm going to be learning and DOING what I've been wanting to do for the past 5 years. No more... other stuff. No more MATH. Ugh. Math. For an Asian, I really fucking hate Math.

3. I'm starting to write again. I've been in such a creative slump lately. I haven't written diddly for a LONG time. It's not even writer's block. It's just been a lack of motivation.

4. I'm playing soccer again. I've been physically inactive for several months. Not even hitting the gym. I consider myself a very athletic guy too. Sometimes laziness just takes over. Especially when all the friends you work out with/play soccer with are away in different cities attending school. lol. But what I experience over and over is that being in shape, and physically healthy, really balances me out mentally too. If I'm in shape and exercising, I rarely get anxiety or stress. I learn my lesson every so often, but of course, I'll get lazy sometimes.

More about my writing. I met a girl at a friend's graduation party over the weekend. My friend just graduated from UCLA. I'm really proud of him too. He's a pure example of someone who grew up in the "bad" side of town, kept his nose clean, attended community college and transferred into one of the best schools in town... AND graduated. It's just a good example of determination and FOCUS. Anyway, about this girl. She's the epitome of ambitious, and these are people I like. A LOT. Because ambitious people motivate me. They shoot high and go for these immensely hard goals, but they inevitably succeed. They're so determined, so driven, and it sometimes confirms my own ambitions. This girl graduated UCLA a year ago, is in the Navy, and is about to attend the Navy's aviation school in August to basically be a fighter pilot. An NFO - Navy flight officer. I believe the Navy has only 255 or so female NFOs. How ambitious is that? That's pretty awesome to me. Just by her personality alone, I could tell her goal is totally reachable for her. I guess I could even go to say ambitious girls are sexy. Yeah. She was pretty attractive... Long story short, I was talking to her today and she DEMANDED to read a script of mine. I think the conversation started off like, "Oh, you manage your friend's band AND you're a screenwriter?" I said, "Well, neither are a big deal. The managing doesn't take too much, and I actually haven't wrote for a while. I'm sort of in a creative slump." "Well, let me read one of your scripts that you wrote!" I couldn't let her down... and I couldn't come off like a poser... so I found a short film script that I wrote a while back. I said to her, "Okay. Give me a sec and I'll go find a script that I'd let someone read, get self conscious about it for a bit, re-write it a bit, and then I'll email it to you". But it was all true. I re-read the script, wanted to change a whole bunch of stuff, changed it around, and I sent her a fresh copy about two hours later!

She liked it.

Would you guys like to read it? You can download it HERE.
Some things to note:
1. "(V.O.)" means "Voice Over". It means there is narration over the scene or in this case, the Voice Over is for parts of where Daniel's (the main character) journal is being read in excerpts in between scenes.
2. All speaking parts would be said in Spanish if it were filmed. "In the North" would translate to "en el norte" in Spanish slang, which basically means "America" in this case.
3. The script was written as a shooting script -- for myself. So there are lots of notes for camera shots. I wrote it to make a short film out of it, which I still plan to do. Just haven't ever gotten the time/equipment/opportunity to do it.
4. It's pretty depressing and dramatic. You'd have to imagine seeing it as a film.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Winner, winner, chicken dinner...

So I think for the first time in my life ever... I won a contest. I've never won anything in my life. Thinking back, even in elementary school, out of a small classroom of 15-20 kids, I don't think I even won a raffle contest. Just to throw in there, out of the two baseball league championships I've played in, never won that either. Not a big deal. Contests are all luck. I got lucky!

In Los Angeles, the main rock music radio station is 106.7 FM KROQ (K-Roq). Needless to say, I mostly listen to them. I found myself on their website looking for tickets to Jack Johnson's free benefit concert that he played on the Santa Monica Beach Pier this past Tuesday. Sadly, the tickets were already given away. There were a few other contests though, one of which were movie premiere tickets to the movie, "Get Him to the Greek", starring Jonah Hill and Russell Brand. So I entered the contest. Tuesday morning comes around and I get a call from an unknown number, but the last 4 digits of the phone number I notice were "1-0-6-7"... which I KNEW was KROQ. I answered and they told me I won the movie premiere tickets! Awesome. It wasn't recorded for the radio or anything, and if they did, my reaction would probably have been the most laid-back response ever. I was just like, "Oh cool, that's awesome. Thanks".

I was definitely excited though. I don't get too star struck or impressed by fame however. I'm just not that kind of person. I think it attributes to being around Hollywood people in general growing up. For example: a lot of my friends on my little league baseball and soccer teams growing up had parents in the entertainment business. It was just the particular neighborhood of Hancock Park I grew up near that allowed this. So yeah, I wasn't giddy with excitement.

They sent me a parking pass and an information packet through email. Basically, I would park, get shuttled with everyone else that was attending the premiere, pick up my ticket at will call, and off I go myself +1 guest to the premiere. I thought I would be taken around/chaperoned by KROQ staff or something, but nope. I was on my own. I took my friend Mark, the friend of mine who moved back to D.C. this past Saturday for law school. While he was here, he worked for Paradigm, the #2 talent agency in Hollywood, so I thought he'd appreciate the invitation. So the Greek Theatre was great, it's a pretty famous venue. We waited outside, and there were tons of actors and famous people roaming around with us. The red carpet was set up and the stars of the movie and other miscellaneous famous people walked it. It was an outdoor venue, so it started to get really cold by the time the movie started at 8:30pm. My legs were freezing. We had really good seats, pretty much centered, it was great. All the actors and stars were seated above us, centered and a bit higher up. The movie was GREAT. I loved it. It was hilarious. I mean, I LOVED "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and this was a spin-off from that. They had Russell Brand's character "Aldous Snow". Unfortunately, Jonah Hill wasn't the same character as he was in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. You would think he would be... but he was a new character altogether. No worries, I won't spoil the movie for you guys, but just know they all die in the end. Interesting though, I saw Michael Cera. The way he dresses and acts in the movies? You know, the shy, awkward, yet endearing personality he has? Exactly the same in real life. Didn't really get to meet him because he was talking to a group of people, but he did nod to Mark. He probably recognized him from Paradigm (Michael Cera is represented by Paradigm, and one of their, if not THE biggest current client for Paradigm.)

Overall, a really fun night.

Here are some pictures:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Blog?... Oh yeah...

Missing in action again. Sorry about that. Lots of stuff going on.

1. The show (5/8/10) was a success! We had about 20+ friends show up to support the band at the Old Town Pub show. With that much of a turn out, we made a good chunk of money. It was a great little bar hidden away in the nice part of snazzy old town Pasadena, CA. There's tons of nice restaurants, clean streets, and cool nightlife in that area, and here was this cool, dive bar, music venue in between it all. It was an awesome night. Here are some pictures:

2. The band had another show the following weekend at a small art theatre in Hollywood called the Neon Venus Art Theatre, owned by the band Neon Venus. They asked if we could play last minute because apparently a band canceled on them. The venue is a drama and acting class theatre by day and underground music venue by night. It was a cool place, although small... very small. So small in fact, I took it upon myself to hand out free ear plugs to everyone there before the band played. Good thing I did, the dimensions of the place made the band extra loud. Another paid gig, although it didn't pay as well. We had about 14 people show up.

The plan is to just play local, small, venues first before jumping into big stage shows at the big venues. We're hoping to build a bigger fan base first so we'll have fans that will support us at the bigger venue shows.

3. Film school is coming around soon. I've been trying to get back in the mode of writing creatively again. Needless to say, I haven't been doing any of that writing for a bit. I've got to get back in the habit of being all... creative again.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Cool story bro-colli...

So I grabbed a late dinner in the Westwood area of LA (near UCLA) and as I was walking back to my car, a homeless man eating a slice of pizza walked by me and shouted at me "I'm one of the head honchos in Hell! I just wanted to let you know man!" So I said, "Cool story bro" and kept walking. It's safe to say he was pretty schizo. Just wanted to share that. I just thought to myself when he was shouting at me with that mouthful of pizza, "This would only be worth retelling to someone if I respond instead of ignoring him and walking away..." So yeah. Cool story bro.

I'm pretty excited about going back to school in August. Finally. Film school. Finally learning what I've been wanting to go to school for, for all this time. I spent about 4 and a half years in a community college jumping from major to major, practically completing all of the major requirements to transfer with for both English and Sociology on the way. I'm going to need to find a part time job also. I can't imagine myself working a full time job all the while being a full time student. I've done it before during my freshman year, and it was not fun waking up at 4AM to return home at 11PM and repeating it for five days out of seven.

So the band's been making a lot of progress. There's a lot of stuff in the works and I feel good about it all. It's exciting. I got them their first venue gig for the 8th of May and it's a paid gig! Bands usually never get paid to play unless you know, they're a big deal. This one show promoter was so impressed with our demo however, that he offered us one out of two headlining time slots for his "fusion" show. It's on Saturdays, and it's basically a mix of good bands and DJs from different genres. It's $10 at the door but only $5 with a flier, and the band makes $5 for every person that shows up that's there to see us. Awesome. And that money will go directly to printing cards and our EP album CDs. Yep, we have yet to get those printed. It'll be awesome to have those done. Here, take a look at the flier the promoter got made for the upcoming show. Apparently our band was the only one to send him a band logo graphic so our band's name really pops in comparison to the other ones haha.

We invited pretty much everyone we know. Hopefully we'll get quite a few people to show up.

Friday, April 30, 2010


I've found moments during the past week or so where I'd have some good food for thought to write in this blog. Then I would proceed to forget them. But, I have just discovered the amazing, awesomeness of EVERNOTE! If you guys can't survive without post-it notes like I do, you're going to love evernote. It's basically a program/app for your computer OR PHONE where you can basically write notes for yourself to look at later. And the great thing about it is that it synchronizes all the notes you save onto everywhere you have the program. So, if I were to save a note on my blackberry like I do, I could start up the ol' laptop computer and there the note will be also. This is perfect for a guy like me. I come up with little tid bits of ideas all the time for a lot of things but never really get around to remembering or saving them all. So if this thing makes your life easier, I have absolutely no problem taking the credit for it, you all owe me GINORMOUS big time.

I've been thinking about life and the future like I always do... it's clearly a recurring theme in this blog I'm sure. I guess it shows how present and looming the thought about life and the future is in my life. It sort of sucks because it's so fucking scary sometimes. Success. Our society's definition of success basically comes down to monetary wealth. Not wealth of friendship or love, or success in the home, but cold, hard, money. But what if you take a guy like me, who thinks being successful is living a good life and doing things that makes you happy, and combine it with all the things that make me happy... being stuff I need money to do? Haha. What a predicament. I mean, it all just comes down to all the stuff I want to do and experience in life, and all of that costing a butt load of money to do. I'll have to simply make some money first. But then I think to myself, "Well poo... I'll have to spend the prime years of my life focused on making money first instead of enjoying my 20's doing the things I already want to do..." Well too bad bro, just going to have to, and do it quick I guess. It's now my goal. Snowboard around the world? That snowboarding trip to New Zealand to ride in Wanaka? Not going to happen unless you reach monetary success broski. And it's not like the focus of making money is all that foreign or far from me. I'm down with it. I'm okay with it. I have no problem. Of course I do, I'm trying to break into Hollywood. It's just the way it is. You need money to do stuff, and to live how you want, so you've got to make le money. Elementary conclusion, but damn. It's still hard to do isn't it?

This just turned out to be a stream of my thought process. But really... success. Is everyone's goal no? Like my friend likes to say over the phone sometimes when he gets busy and needs to hang up, "B-R-B, (be right back) making money." *Click*

Monday, April 19, 2010

You all complete me...

Ah, it seems I've been keeping to myself lately. Tis' true. I think it's because I've been busy as of late, I've had no time to be as contemplative as I usually am. It may be a bit of laziness too I suppose. Being busy is good for me. It keeps me from over thinking things, and that usually gets me into trouble. It's sort of a tangent, but I see myself, and I'm pretty sure -- seen as a pretty calm person. But in private, I think I can be a pretty anxious person. Especially when it comes to matters of health. I can over think those situations extremely quickly. Just a quirk about me I guess.
Anyway, back on track. I've had some good times over the weekend. There's something that's very subtly satisfying when you're spending time with a friend doing the simplest of activities. I had dinner with a friend from New York that's been living here in LA for the past year and a half. He's never tried pizza in LA because he's heard how bad it is compared to New York. Poppycock/BS. I told him I'd take him to the closest thing to New York pizza in the city, which is "Village Pizzeria" right in the center of Larchmont Village, which is also my favorite part of town in LA. We ordered a 14" pie, one half sausage, the other half with pepperoni, onions, and garlic (obviously the food you order when you're not out to meet girls). What did he think? He LOVED it. "This is ridiculous. I've been here over a year and just when I'm about to leave LA you bring me here? This place is AWESOME" is what he said. You see, he's moving to D.C. to attend law school in the fall. I never hear all that much about D.C., but from what I do hear, it's a pretty "happening" city. I'll be sure to visit him while he's there. So back to the enjoyment of simple moments... So yeah. Dinner with a friend, then subsequent drinks with a friend. After an extremely satisfying pizza and the mass consumption of breath mints after, we grabbed a drink. I guess it's part of life's progress when you and a friend brainstorm on figuring out a bar to go to that is NOT crowded and "happening" on a Saturday night. Neither of us were really in the mood for that sort of scene. We just wanted to relax and talk. We really couldn't think of any bars we knew of to go to so we ended up having a drink on the patio of a quiet restaurant/bar right on the sidewalk of Sunset Blvd. It's moments like those that are so enjoyable in life, yet so simple. Sitting with a friend and having a conversation about whatever. And the fact that you're out. Out of the house, outdoors, around other people, socializing, wherever. We're a social being, and it's just something we need. I'm starting to realize that more and more as time goes on, just how much we need other people around us to really complete our lives.

Morrownow had a show this weekend!
So the band got a spot to perform at Cal State Northridge University's Relay For Life cancer benefit event this past Saturday. It was an outdoor event, and a vast array of students in their respective "Relay for Life" teams were literally camping out in tents in the quad on the campus. The quad was huge, and it sat in front of a massive library. The stage was sort of tiny, but sat right on the edge of the quad below the library's steps. The crowd was... okay. They performed at about 6:30 pm just as the sun was setting and dinner was announced. Everyone got food at the food tent as they were performing so most of the crowd were probably bobbing their heads to the music with a mouthful of food. Several people however, approached the band after their set and expressed how they liked the music and wanted website info. So I guess that was good. We'll have to wait for a reaction at an actual music venue before we can judge how the crowd likes the band. At the moment, I'm working on perfecting and building their press kit to send out to venues.

Escorting the band groupies... just kidding.
Group photo with friends.

(Because of the way the stage coordinator set up the electronics, Josh(black t-shirt) couldn't hook up his pedals in the center of the stage, which is why he's on the left. Significant only because he's the lead vocalist.)

Left to right: Josh - vocals/guitar, Bryan - drums (behind Josh), Tom - Bass guitar, Jason - guitar.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Snowboarding Trip to Big Bear, CA

Hey all.

Well, I went on a 3 day trip to good ol' Big Bear, CA for some snowboarding last week. I got back Friday and ended up jumping right in with some friends and hitting the nightlife over the weekend. I'm still a bit sore believe it or not. The top of my left thigh felt destroyed over the weekend. It was a great trip. I went with my brother from another mother, Travis. He's going to school up north so I don't get to see him much and we've missed doing this trip for the past couple of years so this was a nice change. Yeah, it was just good times with a good friend. We got lucky with the scheduling of the trip as it was expected to rain last Wednesday, the day we planned to drive up. So as we drove up that day, it started to snow pretty good on the mountain. We got there a bit late as we took our time leaving so we took it easy and grabbed a nap before dinner. We went to a place I knew for some BBQ and drinks, ate and drank our fill and played some pool at a bar on the same street. For the week of spring break for a lot of students, it was sort of slow and dead up there. It may have been because the main highway to Big Bear was closed for construction leaving only two other ways up, which makes the trip about a half hour longer.
Thursday was a full day of snowboarding. We know Big Bear pretty well, and a couple of decent/good restaurants we knew there weren't around anymore but we found this gem of a restaurant in the village. It was called the Teddy Bear Restaurant. They had good food at a good price and it was just an overall cool little mountain restaurant. We pretty much ate all of our meals there for the next two days. Awesome breakfast food, awesome home-style cooking, awesome everything.
Thursday night was pretty much our quest to find a cool place to hang out at night. There are only a few bars in the city, but we found this one dive bar in a hidden part of the village. It was a real back-corner of the street kind of place. Apparently though, it's very well known to the locals and the only place open until 2AM. Compared to the other bar we played pool at the night before, we walked in and a pretty busy and rowdy karaoke night was ensuing. Awesome. Basically, we covered all of our bases for the next trip! We now know where to eat again, and where to hang out. On Friday, we chose to snowboard for half the day before leaving to go back home. It was a good decision. We were a little tired and were in the recovery stage from snowboarding the day before, but the few hours of riding in perfect blue-bird weather conditions made it all worthwhile. After the snow on Wednesday, the next two days had perfect spring weather.

I don't know what it is. Snowboarding to me just has so many therapeutic qualities. Even the lift ride up is relaxing. The cool, fresh, mountain air slowly breezing by... a nice sunny day with clear, blue skies... (at least in Southern California ski resorts). Yeah. It's just awesome. I think the season is going to last another 4-5 weeks here with some more rain in the forecast for next week, so I'm sure I'll get some more riding in before the season is over.

I cut a short video of the trip and took some pictures (I'm in the Green and wearing the darker of the sweaters):

Big Bear Snowboarding - March 2010 from Morrownow on Vimeo.

Travis is not dressed like a local.




I think my car should look like this all the time.