Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Prelude to the New Year...?

Wow. Time goes by so fast in between posts when I'm busy. It's nice, but I think I should post more often.

It's actually sucked having as much free time as I do. But the past week has been full of good times. It feels nice to be out doing things, and getting things done. I've made good use of a weekly planner I bought at Staples. The more I schedule things for the days ahead, the more I feel I have to do, and the more productive I feel when I get them done. Last Wednesday I went snowboarding for the day all by my lonesome. Why by myself? Well, all the buddies are busy with work and simply don't have the money and time to snowboard on a random weekday. Haha, the previous sentence makes me feel guilty. But hey, I took a break from school to be able to do things like this, and so I'm doing it. And no one I know is really as obsessed as I am about it. I had a good time and also made myself look sort of vain as I stood on the summit taking cell phone pictures of myself for facebook. I also took video of myself taking 4 jumps on a run. I probably looked weird holding a cell phone an arm's length away from my face as I flew through the air. But an AWESOME weird, which is in the end, just AWESOME.

I tried to go snowboard today also and try out a new ski resort that's only 45 minutes away from Los Angeles, but when I got there a lift had derailed a mere hour earlier because of high winds. Lame. So I drove back home. It worked out though because I grabbed my laptop and headed to the cafe I'm typing this post in. Happy face.

So I haven't dated since I think... last Spring. The last girl was pretty cool actually. She was witty, smart, funny, and an avid skier. She travels, by herself, to a ton of different resorts in California every winter to ski(that's hot). In fact, our date was on the mountain, where we planned to meet for a drink after our respective days on the slopes were over. I knew her through a friend. She was about a year and a half older than me, but that didn't matter. Things were promising, and we continued to hang out and see each other. Things got a little complicated however when she turned out to be a boatload of self-sabotaging, crazy. She was like one of those people that need constant drama in their lives. Things will go smoothly, and that would be the exact point where they would try to add some UNSMOOTH into the mix, you know what I mean? I really have no tolerance or patience for people that can't enjoy life, so I broke it off pretty quick. It was pretty disappointing though, there was a lot of good qualities about her.

Anyway, my friend Bryan(Also the drummer for Morrownow) had a party last-last Saturday on the 12th. He was moving out of an awesome house he was renting a room in, and threw a moving-out party. The moment I walked in, a girl I recognized from one of his facebook photo albums(a very noticeable girl) was sitting on the couch with a friend I knew. I pretty much bee-lined to the couch to say "Hi" to my friend and took the opportunity to lock eyes with "noticeable girl"(let's call her "J"). We shot each other a long smile, and... I turned and left -- for the kitchen. Why did I leave? Well, my mentality was that I'd let our smile/moment marinate for a bit before I introduced myself. I know, I know, it sounds like some kind of ridiculous game. All in all, I think it is. So I saw the rest of my friends, and then worked my way back to that room and introduced myself. We had a little chat, and I told her I remembered her from Bryan's facebook albums. "Oh yeah? How did you remember me?" "You're pretty noticeable". *Giggle* Things went well besides the guy that she came with (that was supposedly platonic) that hovered around her every move. I left things off like that. The next day, I get a facebook add from her, and some back and forth chatting ensued. To fast-forward, we were supposed to have a coffee date tomorrow night at 8pm, but she suggested we reschedule to hang out on Saturday instead. And feel free to chime in with some advice or opinions, but Hmm... shall the coffee date turn into a dinner? Or should it stay a coffee date? The reason I even find myself wondering is because it's Saturday... and Saturdays are for you know, a more significant outing no? Should I suggest we do something more such as dinner and maybe a drink after?

12/23/09 - Update: Okay, so we both rescheduled tonight's date. It was mutual. She had some last minute shopping to do after she gets off work tonight, and I had a family dinner thing to go to. But now she proposed this:
"...it was busy which is good. Hey Bryan wanted to hang out this weekend should we all get together?"
-Bryan being one of my best friends, and both our mutual friend. He has a girlfriend, and his party was actually to celebrate moving out and in with his girlfriend. So I can only assume she means a double date. This suggestion kind of annoyed me honestly. It can either be read as just a simple suggestion, or beating around the bush. It's like if we're going to have a one on one date, let's do it and get to know each other, but now just it feels like hesitation on her end. OR maybe I'm just reading into it too much.

What do you guys think?


Jeanette said...

I'm glad I got to watch a wave (although the slow cameras made it awkward) on the first boarding even of the year. And yes... the video was awesome.

Hmmm, I'd say maybe see if she's opposed to maybe more than coffee. At least like food with the coffee. Or something... maybe a viewing of Avatar... actually no, 2 hours and 40 minutes could be awkward.

Anne. said...

Snowboarding by yourself... isn't that kind of dangerous? Sounds fun and adventurous, though. :] I have a friend who always goes out to the slopes with his family whenever it rains down here. I always thought it was cute, cause they'd all snowboard together. Cute little family bonding.

As for your date, I'd say go into it as if it were only a coffee date. But if things are lookin' great, with goooooood vibes and you both are feeling it, take the date up a notch with dinner and drinks. Whatever the outcome, you should write a post about it. :]

And happy holidays to you as well!

Jeanette said...

I'll amend my comment with what I said before: For me one on ones are a good sign that someone wants to get to know you. But on the other hand, she could just be nervous... either way: Team Brent!

The Trav monster said...

I think the guy above me is your first official fake post/advertisement! lol... He/she basically copied what Jeanette said and put a link under it! Sigh... Funny, but a bit pathetic lol... Anyway, I'm sure things will go well on the double-date. I mean, you've hung out with me when I've had a girlfriend around and you know how it goes. The girl and the guy are all lovey-dubby and unfortunately tend to ignore the third wheel. Only you'll have another wheel to get to know! I can only see good things there mate!