Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009...

I just went back and read my Halloween 2008 post. Wow. A year already. I love this time of year though. The holidays roll around, the weather gets cooler, and the colors of fall pop. Snow starts falling, and personally for me, it gets me way excited -- an erection of happiness in my brain for a new season of snowboarding.

So Friday night, the night BEFORE Halloween... My friend Josh, the one that subtly looks like Heath Ledger and can do the Joker impersonation, got us to be his bank robbing, clown posse from the movie, "The Dark Knight". Basically, the whole night was for Josh. We joked around with him saying, "Yeah man, you're going to need to buy us all of our drinks tonight because we're nothing but character support for you". Needless to say, we were a HUGE HIT on Cahuenga Blvd. Bar Row in Hollywood. We had plastic guns, and we would "escort" the Joker from bar to bar, clearing the way for him. We wore suits, and one of us was in regular street clothes (the clown that drove the bus into the bank). Yup, we went all out. We must be in 20 different people's facebook albums by now. We were taking pictures with random people everywhere. Josh had a makeup artist friend help him out with his makeup, and he looked the part. He didn't have time to go out shopping for real clothes to match the Joker's, so he just wore the parody costume from a costume shop. But it wasn't a big deal, he looked enough like him anyway. He got all of the attention of course, as we expected.

All of us.

Why so serious?


On Saturday night, it was slightly more toned down for some reason. I was an 80's Marathon Runner. I forgot to take pictures while I was at the party, but there are pictures below in the pre-party stages. It was a warehouse party in this industrial place in Santa Monica. It was cool. It was outdoors, and it was clearly in an actual warehouse that manufactured carts/bikes I think. It was an open bar for just a $10 admission fee. I came a little late and got in for free, SCORE. Anyway, it was super-crowded and packed and it was a pretty good time. We left at what we thought was 1:30AM only to be fooled by daylight savings time. We headed over to a friend's place right on the Venice Beach boardwalk, and hung out there for a small after party. Cookies, popcorn, and old school hip hop ensued. I called it a night not too long after I got there though. It was so-so. Overall, I had a great weekend. Here I am:

I think I'm going to hit the gym again, try to gain the muscle mass I lost over the past two years and then get additionally, super-buff so I can be a "300" Spartan for Halloween next year. Haha, yeah, not for health or any "real" reasons -- JUST to be a Spartan for next Halloween. That's New Year's Resolution #1.


Jeanette said...

Awesome costumes... you can always do fake abs haha... being not buff stops no-one at my college (we are the Spartans) from dressing up for every game haha

Melanie's Randomness said...

Love the joker gang!! You guys did it right. =)

Aww the 80's marathon runner is cute too.

The Trav monster said...

Brilliant mate! Count me in for the Spartan thing next year! I think I'm a few months away from being quite sexy and buff and I'm sure that you'll reach that quickly once you get back into the gym. Great post again!

eQ said...

Very cool costume idea! And so simple, well not the joker, but all the other costumes.

Jill said...

ohmigosh your costumes were hilarious! I love Batman and Heath Ledger was def. the best Joker of all the movies. :D looks like you guys had a blast! Check out my Halloween www.lifeaftercollege3.blogspot.com