Saturday, November 21, 2009

Looking up...

Another busy week for me. It's been great though, I'm loving having something to do each day. It brushes the "monotonous-rust" away that's been building up during this past, uneventful, unproductive, summer.

I feel like I talk tons about my friends in my posts. I guess that just shows how close and how much a part of my life they are. My family for instance, I almost never see any throughout the year. I wish we were like the families in the movies where we would all see each other for the holidays, or at least on some random, consistent basis. But to be honest, and for example, I haven't spoken to my closest-located relative -- my cousin (also named Brent, I know, how original of my mother), since his brother's wedding this past June. I think I posted about the wedding too. He's busy with his growing toddler, wife, and new job. I understand. But that's where lies our family's characteristic of it "being ok" not talking to each other for however many months at a time. I always mean to call him, but simply forget. It's just how it is.

Be right back, steamed crab awaits...

Okay. So as I was saying... Since my family isn't the typical family, well... the bottom line is I appreciate my friends a lot, and I have a good group that I rely on, and can rely on for the rest of my life. We all go through our troubles and hardships, and we've been there for each other. It's just a naturally difficult period of time in our lives at the moment, and I'm glad I have them around. Needless to say, these close friends I'm talking about are also members of the band I am "managing". It just makes the situation all the more fun, exciting, and motivating. I love it. We hang out and do our normal thing, but all of a sudden, we have this major commonality between us to talk and get enthusiastic about together, besides the norm... girls. It's been tons of fun making things happen and setting things up. I got a band photographer, and now we're looking at a small club called the Dragonfly as their first gig in a few weeks. Also in a few weeks, they're going to record a three-song demo in a studio. With that, I can shop it around and get better gigs for them, thus increasing their fan base. That's all it is right now anyway, building up a significant fan base that will actually come out to shows.

We were filming a band interview video and they snapped this picture of me. They said I look very "Mr. Manager".

Not much else going on really. I'm going to get myself up in the mountains soon since it's snowing now, and surf the mountains a bit. The first snowboarding trip of the year will probably motivate a whole post, and will inspire the usage of a camera while I'm there of course.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Honesty Scrap Award #2...

Herro! Well I've been pretty busy and productive the last few days... and I LOVE IT. It's been a great change from the usual... nothing I've been doing a lot of. The managerial duties of the band has really been coming around full circle, and things are really coming into shape. We have all of our networking up, I shot about 2 hours of video footage last night at their practice, and I'm currently editing it into an Introductory kind of video for the sites/fans. It gives an inside-look to the personalities of the guys, and the group as a whole. The plan now is to make a 3-song demo which will be done in about a few weeks to a month or so, and with a studio we have previous experience with is already lined up and ready to go for that. Since the band's sound is so unique, we're doing our best to search for other bands as similar as possible so we can play a "premier" show with them. Needless to say, it's pretty hard looking for these certain bands. I've been so busy doing all these things in fact, I'm on TWO computers at the moment. I know, I'm pretty amazing. You know what else is amazing? I just recently got through my SECOND chapstick all the way through without losing it! Please, don't hold your applause.

Something else in my world of 2nds...

I've recently received my 2nd Honesty Scrap Award! The first time I received it was last January. What's with the "Scrap" part of the award? I don't get it. Anyway. From the last time I received the award, it was given to people who write honestly in their blogs. But from the rules below, you can see this has upgraded to "brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged you". Cool. I must be the bomb diggity. Anyways, I'd like to thank Jill at her great blog, Life After College for giving me the award. Much appreciated, and I dig the acknowledgment whole-heartedly.

The Rules of the Award
1) Thank the person who gave the award and list their blog and link it.
2) Share "10 Honest Things" about yourself.
3) Present this award to 7 others whose blogs you find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have encouraged you.
4) Tell those 7 people they've been awarded HONEST SCRAP and inform them of these guidelines in receiving the award.

*My 10 Honest Things About Myself*
(Dude. This is hard. I have to look at my answers from before so I don't write the same answer twice.But a lot has changed from a year...)
1. I'm almost always late. I'm never late to the important things, but usually to the "regular" things. When I say I'll be there at 10:30pm, expect me there 10:45pm. Depending on what we're doing of course. Just know I cut it pretty close.
2. I used to be very insecure about my looks in high school. Wasn't that the time almost everyone was though? I find peace in that, but I never found peace in how I was about 40lbs. overweight. So I lost it all in college. Now I'm sexy.
3. I'm a very competitive person and very team-oriented. I don't like to lose. It all stems from growing up playing team sports all of my life. I'm like... meant to succeed in team-dynamic situations.
4. I like "chick-flick" movies. I LOVE rom-coms(romantic-comedies). "The Proposal"? Watched it. "The Ugly Truth"? Watched it, loved it. I just think they're crazy entertaining. That's what they're meant for, so enjoy.
5. I have a promise to myself to one day perform stand-up comedy and invite all of my friends. They all tell me to do it, so one day, they're going to get a random, surprise invite.
6. I never get enough sleep when I'm in school. I'll stay up even when I'm tired. I feel like... bored or something. Like I'm wasting time, or didn't do enough with my day besides school to justify sleeping and wasting the hours. It's weird and I can't put a finger on the exact reasoning behind it all. But yeah, I'm usually running on only 6 hours of sleep at most when I'm in school. It's terrible.
7. The plan is to go to Cal-State Northridge. But I just can't see myself living out in the valley... Eww. If you guys ever watch the HBO show "Entourage" and they talk about the "valley", it's true. It's just gross out there to me. It's 10 degrees hotter, flatter, boring, and just, eww. I grew up in central Los Angeles all of my life, and can't see myself out in Northridge. Gross.
8. If I wasn't pursuing writing as a career, and screenwriting for my degree, I'd probably pursue something in Marketing. I know what the people want!
9. I can't stand rude people. Assholes, jerks, whatever you want to call them. I have absolutely NO tolerance. We come across people everyday, and you're bound not to like a few, and those are my few. If a person doesn't have the decency to treat people right, they don't deserve any room in anyone's lives. Bottom line.
10. This one is sort of recycled from the last year: My friends = family. I say this because I never grew up with much family around. Everyone was far away. It was usually just my Aunt and I. If you've been around my blog for even a few reads, you'll see how much I mention my friends. It's because they've been around since childhood. The closest friends I hang out with now, are truly the closest friends I've been around since childhood. Two I've known since I was 4 years old. I've known almost all of my closest friends since at LEAST 8 years old. That's a long time. We all consider each other brothers, and I love them all. They'll be around for the rest of my life. Just my friends in general, are good quality people. The weeding process just happens naturally, you know how it is. I surround myself with good people.

The 7 people/blogs I present "The Honest Scrap Award" are in no particular order:
1. Melanie at Melanie's Randomness
2. Jeanette at Cooler Ranch or Nacho Cheese?
3. David at The Rest Is Still Unwritten
4. Match me, please
5. Anne at stream-of-consciousness
6. Priscilla Ahn's brand new blog at Girl In A Tree (A crush on her helped with this choice. Refer to an old post:
7. Jen at Welcome to the Jungle - Another aspiring screenwriter in Hollywood. Cool.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Band Progress...

Wow, it's been a week already?! It only feels like a few days have gone by.

Well let me tell you, I've lived out a pretty exciting and busy past week. I don't have much of a productivity problem at the moment. Lots of free time still, but now I actually need the time. My friend's band that I've been "managing" are taking their first steps to getting their name out there and start gigging soon. We're not brand new at this in the least. Everyone in the band has had years of performance experience, and Josh lead a band himself for over a year. I was along for the ride since the beginning from where he first picked up a guitar, so I actually have an idea of what to do also. The book "All about the music business" the apparent "bible" to all things music business has been pretty helpful the past week too.

The band's name is "Morrownow". I've been setting up about 5 of their networking websites in the past week. It's actually a lot of work trying to keep up and network consistently on them. They also have a blog, under the newly purchased "" domain (We're pretty proud of that and giggled like little girls). I've been waiting on some personal bio info from the band members before I update their blog. Hmm what else... Yeah, setting up their facebook page, twitter, myspace, and youtube. The myspace existed for a long time before, but now custom HTML website coding is in the works for it. In fact, there's a whole list of "to-do's" for each of these sites that I had to write it all down. Either way, it's keeping me busy and I love that. This band has a lot of potential, and what motivates me the MOST, besides their blatant talent, is how we're all close friends already. Josh, probably my closest and best friend from childhood, Jason, whom I've known since high school -- also part of my "closest friends" group of buddies, and Bryan, also in that group. We all consider each other brothers. Tom, the bassist, is brand new to our group but is an awesome guy with the personality to match. He fits right in. I think all of us being actual close/best friends with each other makes us unique, and I think that quality will carry us a long way.

They want to start playing gigs in the next few weeks. I have my role to play for that. "Mr. Manager". But like I told them, I want/need to earn that title.

As for regular things, I think that phase of not going out to bars lately is slowly tapering off. I don't think I'll ever get back up to 4-5 nights out a week again, but I definitely will be using my weekends. There's just this "urge/craving" to go out again. I don't know what it was, but the bottom line is I went out both nights this past weekend. A college party on Friday ngiht, and then checked out a cool new bar in Downtown LA called the "Seven Grand" with Josh and another buddy on Saturday night. The place was really cool, and will probably be my default hangout from now on. It's a step up in maturity level too, and I think that's what all of us were looking for.

If you have facebook, myspace, twitter, and of course -- a blog, I hope you'll support Morrownow. We're just trying to get off the ground at the moment and network a bit. Plus, the blog should be interesting as it's a behind-the-scenes look to a fresh new band on the road to "making it".

Facebook (be a Fan!)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009...

I just went back and read my Halloween 2008 post. Wow. A year already. I love this time of year though. The holidays roll around, the weather gets cooler, and the colors of fall pop. Snow starts falling, and personally for me, it gets me way excited -- an erection of happiness in my brain for a new season of snowboarding.

So Friday night, the night BEFORE Halloween... My friend Josh, the one that subtly looks like Heath Ledger and can do the Joker impersonation, got us to be his bank robbing, clown posse from the movie, "The Dark Knight". Basically, the whole night was for Josh. We joked around with him saying, "Yeah man, you're going to need to buy us all of our drinks tonight because we're nothing but character support for you". Needless to say, we were a HUGE HIT on Cahuenga Blvd. Bar Row in Hollywood. We had plastic guns, and we would "escort" the Joker from bar to bar, clearing the way for him. We wore suits, and one of us was in regular street clothes (the clown that drove the bus into the bank). Yup, we went all out. We must be in 20 different people's facebook albums by now. We were taking pictures with random people everywhere. Josh had a makeup artist friend help him out with his makeup, and he looked the part. He didn't have time to go out shopping for real clothes to match the Joker's, so he just wore the parody costume from a costume shop. But it wasn't a big deal, he looked enough like him anyway. He got all of the attention of course, as we expected.

All of us.

Why so serious?


On Saturday night, it was slightly more toned down for some reason. I was an 80's Marathon Runner. I forgot to take pictures while I was at the party, but there are pictures below in the pre-party stages. It was a warehouse party in this industrial place in Santa Monica. It was cool. It was outdoors, and it was clearly in an actual warehouse that manufactured carts/bikes I think. It was an open bar for just a $10 admission fee. I came a little late and got in for free, SCORE. Anyway, it was super-crowded and packed and it was a pretty good time. We left at what we thought was 1:30AM only to be fooled by daylight savings time. We headed over to a friend's place right on the Venice Beach boardwalk, and hung out there for a small after party. Cookies, popcorn, and old school hip hop ensued. I called it a night not too long after I got there though. It was so-so. Overall, I had a great weekend. Here I am:

I think I'm going to hit the gym again, try to gain the muscle mass I lost over the past two years and then get additionally, super-buff so I can be a "300" Spartan for Halloween next year. Haha, yeah, not for health or any "real" reasons -- JUST to be a Spartan for next Halloween. That's New Year's Resolution #1.