Sunday, October 4, 2009


Hey inter-webnet. I feel like I should re-introduce myself and give you the low-down-skinny on what I've been up to and what I'm all about now. It really does seem like I lost track of what this blog is supposed to be about. It's gone through some evolutionary stages yes? For a while it was about my nightlife adventures, and then it just got downright depressing after my Lake Tahoe dream trip didn't work out. But no worries though, I've gotten back on track.

Introduction time:

Herro. My name's Brent. I'm 23 years old and I was born and raised here in Los Angeles, CA. I'm sure it's already apparent from my profile picture, but I'm Asian-American. Korean, to be specific. But being raised the way I was and by a single parent (my Aunt) the way she was, I grew up Americanized in every sense of the word. I can barely speak Korean, and can't read or write it. Ordering food in Korean restaurants require a lot of hand signals on my part. Some people tell me it's an unfortunate lack of culture, but I don't see the big deal. It's just natural assimilation to me. Currently, I'm out of school. I should be starting film school in one of the local Cal-States next Fall though. I'm an aspiring screenwriter. I know these days you don't need to go to film school to be a successful screenwriter, but personally, I'd like the official college degree. For myself. Also, I don't think I'm passionate enough about anything else to pursue a degree in it besides writing anyway. So during this whole gap of free time I have until next Fall, I'm sparsely working for my Aunt and her company, and trying to stay productive (and failing) in between. I never grew up with much family, so my friends are for the most part, the most important thing to me.

Well, it's getting kind of scary nowadays with the realization of how I'm 23 years old, a quarter of a century old almost... and of how I don't have much to show for it. Life is looming, and the future seems pretty scary. Everything is in the works, and the process of reach my goals have sort of started, but I have a lot of life to live, and a lot of work cut out for me in this life of mine. I say that because to be successful in a pass/fail kind of industry like Hollywood, is quite an aspiration, and hard to achieve. I'm going to keep up with this however, and chronicle how I grow as a person, my trials and tribulations, and quite possibly, the events leading to success...


A picture taken with me getting caught off guard. A good example of how unsure I feel about my future.


sb0502 said...


So are you planning to apply for a screenwriting course next fall?? Because I tried to look for a course that would allow me to study both, film studies and screenwriting.. and it's a toughie to find!

Jill said...

Good look with your film degree!