Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New stuff...

As I've said before, I don't have much to do lately. I'm out of school until film school starts up next August, so I'm trying to keep myself busy with work(which isn't much to do), books, and writing as much as I can. I must have like 10 notebooks full of writings, journals, and ideas. Well it's hard to go back and read through all of them because it's all pretty random and disorganized. I took a trip to Staples today and bought some nice, new, notebooks. It's nice, it's like buying new soccer shoes and anticipating breaking them in.

I bought a hard-covered journal notebook, and a medium sized notebook meant for "ideas". I should talk about that one book, "All You Need To Know About The Music Business" by Donald S. Passman too. That book is supposed to be the "bible" for anyone interested in any part of the music business. I bought it because a couple of my best friends have a rock band that actually have talent. My friend Josh, would like me to have the role of band manager for them, and do what band managers do. I was at their last band practice, and he brought it up. I told them all though, that I'd like to "earn" that position and not just be given the role. It wouldn't be fair to them to even ask for that position, especially since I have no real experience. They want to play gigs by the end of November, so I should get reading and figure out exactly what my role is going to be.


Jason(sitting), Tom(Bass), and Josh

Bryan (Drums)

Like I said, these guys aren't your typical "my friend's band" that usually suck. They're actually very good, and hopefully, I can help them get somewhere. These are guys I grew up with, so there's no real motivation besides them being my best friends, and wanting to see them succeed. I guess that's good for them, I'd actually be a genuine "manager" out for their best interests. We all watch the show "Entourage" too. I guess I'd be best compared to "E" (Eric) on the show.

Well, Josh gets compared to Heath Ledger all the time while we're out. Needless to say, it hogs some attention from the female persuasion for us "other" guys that are with him. He also, can do a pretty dead-on accurate impersonation of "The Joker" from "Batman - The Dark Knight". It's pretty creepy how well he does it too. Well, the masks for the Joker's clown posse in the bank robbery scene in the beginning of the movie, are ordered, and our suits are ready for wear. Josh is going to be the Joker and we're going to be his clown posse.

So imagine... all of us wearing some snazzy suits, pulling up in my black SUV, in front of some club/bar, and we all pour out in our masks with a pretty convincing Joker in tow. Awesome. No worries, pictures galore this weekend.


Jeanette said...

Oh man, I would love to be in the music business. Instead I'm majoring in engineering, go figure.

Those are aweomse Halloween ideas! I'm being a ninja turtle!

Anne. said...

There's nothing like the feel of a brand new notebook in your hands. <3

Good luck with your friends' band! It's been my dream to become an A&R, but I know it's just not feasible.

And YAY Halloween!

Melanie's Randomness said...

Love the Halloween costume idea!! I had a Batman group last Halloween. I'm glad to hear you got some new stuff to get yourself organized, I did the same many possibility with a new notebook. =)

Hope you have a blast at Halloween!! =)

Brent said...

@Jeanette - LOL. I LOVE THE NINJA TURTLES. Teen-Age-Mu-Tant-Nin-Ja-Tur-Tles... TURTLE POWER. Hey, Engineering is cool, and yearly salary guaranteed. Sweet deal in my book. Take pictures on Halloween please!

@Anne - Thanks. I'm pretty sure I'll be taking a lot of photos and videos. Once they have something recorded, I'll link you to their stuff. You may like it. It's on the grungy side though. Think... Smashing Pumpkins + Pearl Jam. Actually, here's a link:
All of that music was recorded without a full band. It was just Josh and an 8-Track with a drum machine. He did an awesome job though.

@Melanie - Thanks Melanie. I'll be sure to have some pics and maybe some video. You have a good time too!

saveyoursoul said...

I am greatly anticipating these pictures mister! Sounds like a good time.

Ps. Your comment on my blog made me lol (well played PAM... Yummm Jim!)

The Trav monster said...

Hey Brent!
Halloween seemed like such fun! It's kinda scary how fast life is going indeed... seems to get faster every year. I was thinking though, perhaps you should post samples of your work on the blog. Of course, you don't want to put up all your ideas, nor do you want to post your ideas in their complete forms. But extracts of your work could be interesting and perhaps help you improve.
All the best!