Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Remember what Capt. Jack Sparrow said at the end of the film "Pirates of the Carribean: The Curse of the Black Pearl"?

"Bring me that horizon!"

That's a good line. Apparently Johnny Depp was adlibing and improvised that on the spot. It stuck. As it should've.

Well, at the moment, there's not much going on in my horizon. I'm just slowly drifting along in my raft that I'd like to upgrade into a yacht one day after I sell a few major hit movie screenplays.

Things in my horizon:
1. Look for a job (pretty hard at the moment).
2. Spring semester starts Feb. 18th.
3. Snowboarding on Wednesday(tomorrow)?

The snowboarding would be the best off the list. The thing about snowboarding at the moment is that I'm almost turned off by it. Ever since Tahoe was cancelled, I almost have had no urge to go. I almost don't think it's worth going to these local ski resorts if it's not Lake Tahoe. I say that because you have to understand that Lake Tahoe is literally, ski-paradise. The conditions(especially after these storms that came in), the scenery, the city, everything about it is awesome. I mean, have you seen the pictures of Tahoe from my previous posts? Gorgeoussssss place. Here's an analogy to help you understand how I feel:

Analogy of the day: Being promised a brand new Ferrari... and getting a used 1990 Honda Civic instead.

Not bashing on any 1990 Civic owners out there, I'm just saying. You understand... right?

So I guess in a way I'm looking forward to getting up and riding somewhere at least a few times this season. I'm almost forcing myself to go. I think I need a day to myself like this. I have so much passion for it, so why isn't it coming out? Maybe after I dip my toes in the proverbial pool, I'll feel like diving in.

I'll take some pictures.

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Raghav said...

did u go ?

liked the analogy by the way