Monday, January 26, 2009

spare some CHANGE?...

So I recieved this message on myspace from a friend recently, "i havent been up to much just school and working. what about you, now what since no tahoe?"

What a good question... I have to ask myself the same thing now too. It's been a few weeks, and for the most part, I've been doing the same ol' - same ol' thing. During the same ol' thing though, there are times where I feel extremely disappointed. I was looking forward to the trip for the past year, and it was a very important trip to me personally. I would've be on my own, in a city I didn't know, around people I didn't know, and have a lot of time for myself. All the while -- I would've been in the middle of a snowboarding paradise. Snowboarding is right up there in the top 3 passions and enjoyments in my life. Maybe my being "extremely disappointed" = slightly depressed. I'll get over it soon, but it's just weird how I planned out certain things for the next two months and it's simply not happening.

I've just been working, and hanging out mostly. I need another job.

I also need some CHANGE. Whenever I find myself in a rut like this... doing something new, or changing things around really helps. Tahoe would've done this for me. But now I figure, I need to do these: I need to find another job, start hitting the gym again, play soccer again, and write more. For the e-nerds - I'm basically like a backed-up computer with spyware that's become slow and I need to reformat and start fresh.

I guess this turned into a New Year's Resolution post. Funny how that happened:

1. Start going to the gym again. Build some more muscle.
2. Play soccer again.
3. Find a new job.
4. Write more.
5. Make time to see old friends more often.
6. Make myself happy.


saveyoursoul said...

Some of the girls in my major (social work) and I say this quote, but it seemed to apply to your situation:

Keep your coins, I want change.

If at first glace you feel overwhelmed make a list of pros and cons about your life. I think you'd be surprised all the pros.

hang in there mister!

Albert said...

Just caught up on a bunch of your past entries. This blog's definitely evolved. Some really good, honest stuff Brent. I'll be checking this regularly from now on.

Take care, my man.

mou said...

"I'm basically like a backed-up computer with spyware that's become slow and I need to reformat and start fresh."

witty description :)!

and change is the most constant thing in life...all the best to you for that...and may you get the satisfaction you want...