Saturday, January 10, 2009

Honesty Scrap Award...

So a fellow blogger and reader Penpusher has given me the Honesty Scrap Award. Apparently in the blogger world, this is given to people who write honestly in their blogs. Cool beans. I guess it's true if I think about it for a bit. What I write here is pretty honest, even when it makes me look "bad" in a certain way. But no worries, these are my thoughts and personal events, and I don't mind how they are judged.

Since I am awarded this, I have to write 10 very honest things about myself, and then pass on the award to 7 other blogs that are worthy:
1. I am ambitious. I think I can do and have the ability to do whatever I want in this world. There are so many things I want, see, and experience. I'm going to do it all.
2. People underestimate me. Always. But that's okay with me. I always show them what's up in the end.
3. Insecure. Who isn't in ways? Overall I'm very confident with myself, but there are always those lingering doubts.
4. I always need improvement. There are a lot of things I would change about myself. I think that's what life is all about. Trying to improve yourself, conditions, life, every single day. What are we progressing to anyways right? (Life) x (Improvement) = Happiness? Busting out the Asian math wizardry!
5. I suck at Math. Despite my Asian heritage, I utterly despise Mathematics. I can learn it just fine, but do I have the patience to do and learn it? No. Which makes me suck at it. And I'm fine with it.
6. Procrastinator. Big time. I'll put off everything until the last minute. I learned the phrase "Last minute" from my Aunt who mentioned it when I was 10. I've mastered procrastinating during the past 12 years since then.
7. Afraid. Afraid of a lot of things. Not the boogie man, or any of that, just afraid of the unknown. The future that lies ahead for me. The unsure, unstable, unpredictable events of the future. What will I be? Who will I become? What will I do... Maybe that's why I procrastinate. To put off the unknown until it has to be absolutely necessary.
8. Lonely. If I met me, I wouldn't think this of me at all. But yep. I get lonely sometimes. For as much of a social person I am, and having all the great and close friends that I do, and doing all the social things with them that I do, I still feel lonely at times. I can probably attribute this to the lack of a girlfriend.
9. Angry. Another one people wouldn't think of me. But yes, sadly its true. Been through a lot in my life, (people can't really tell that either)a lot of unfair things, so I do have a lot of anger inside. But life isn't very fair is it?
10. Friends = Family. I never grew up around tons of family like other people. No family reunions, no family camaraderie, no real large number of family around. They either live across the country, another country, or 5 hours away. So my friends are my family. I feel like I might be one of the most loyal guys to be friends with. Once you're in my mental list of friends, you don't have much to worry about with me. You'll have a reliable, trustworthy, brother, friend, by your side.

So now my turn to give out the award. I hope whoever I give it to didn't already do it. My list of blogs I read are pretty small to start with...

Honesty Award goes too:

(If you already recieved one, no need to do it. Then the award means... I appreciate reading your honest words)

Lilly Holiday
Healthy Lindsay
We'll All Float On
Musings(awesome poetry)
ChunksOfReality(I think one of the most honest)


mou said...

hey...thank you :D...!!

and yup, congratulations for the award :)...that you write without any pretensions, is perhaps the best quality your blog...

take care

saveyoursoul said...

Thanks so much sweetie :)

Rhaingel said...

You did a good job here. All of the entities in your list is surely interesting. I personally love 2, 4 and 5, especially 5. I think I suck at Math more than you do and yet I am a Math major so that made me suck more. (sigh) anyway, congratulations! ;)

Chunks of Reality said...

Thanks so much for the award! I will post mine up as soon as I can.

It is certainly nice to meet you. I found your blog via Lilly's.

I have enjoyed my visit and will see you again.


Chunks of Reality said...

Just posted mine tonight on my blog.

Mine turned into something quite negative and I do apologize. Didn't mean for it to turn out that way. It started out OK.

I was just honest and got sad.

I'm sorry.

It's not your fault and I thank you so very much again for thinking of me.

Twenty-Something said...

First: Thank you! YAy my first award thingy!

Second: OMG I'm mysteriously Angry on the inside too!