Monday, December 1, 2008

So I've been kind of preoccupied with thoughts about the Lake Tahoe trip on here, but as "Go time" nears, thoughts about it get kind of boring. I think it's because in about a month, it'll become reality, so there's not much anticipation anymore. So no more salivating for the fresh snow, I'll be in it soon. And hopefully a lot of it - if Mother Nature decides to be a little generous this season.

Back to the LA nightlife chronicles of Brent. And a little more about the places...

So I talk about Beauty Bar a lot, and I frequent the place almost every weekend with one of my best buds, Josh. This is where we usually hang out Friday/Saturday nights:

-The long haired bartender in white is Vince. Former Mighty Ducks Trilogy alumni. But don't mention it to him, he's shy about it.

So yeah, the place is very trendy, and very popular. That little room gets packed full of people, and has barely any room to dance. But people pull it off somehow. The music is great, they play pop-y, alternative, dance-y stuff. For example: MGMT - Electric Feel.
Great song by the way. Me and a couple friends were there on Friday night, had a couple drinks and hung out. When it hit about 12:30AM, we decided to hop over to the 4100 Bar in Echo Park.

Now the 4100 is a whole different scene and feel from Beauty Bar. 4100 is way more relaxed, "mature", and lounge-y. Very lounge-y. But it's the perfect place to hang out with a group of friends. They have seats, tables, and sofa benches all along the edge of the place, so it's great for large groups of friends. Here's the 4100. It's on Sunset, and kind of hidden away except for a neon sign saying "Cocktails". The cool places are always low-key:

I feel like I'm portraying myself as a bar bum or alcoholic with this post. But nah. I'm not. Just having fun with the guys at age 22 and hanging out at some cool places.

Other than that, I'm deciding whether to post about a girl I met last Tuesday...

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