Wednesday, November 19, 2008


School Plan Update:
Okay. So I sold out. I sold out to my college counselor's well-balanced, and sensible advice to stick with Sociology as my major for the sake of transferring. The plan is to get to the college, and then change my major to Film while I'm there. At the moment, all I need is one Math class to be finished. And that's the class I just dropped. I wasn't doing well anyways, so no worries. I will apply this month, and be pretty much guaranteed to get into a Cal-State college of my choice, but ONLY if I finish that math class by Spring semester. There lies the predicament. My Lake Tahoe trip - will have to be cut short in a way, because I will have to come back to LA in time for the Spring Semester. And this is a trip I have been looking forward to for the past year... But I don't think I'll sell out on the trip. I'm going to stay as long as I want. I've been going to this school for the past 4 years, floating through with mediocrity, and even though I haven't tried hard, the fact lies that I've been attending and doing this whole school thing for the past FOUR years. That's a long time, and I'm burned out. I have to decide whether or not now to take a year off from school and apply next fall instead. I think I will take a year off though...

So I've been planning this Lake Tahoe trip for the past year. Well, maybe just dreaming about it. But it's about to become reality in about a month and a half. The main reason for literally moving to this snowy heaven, is for the snow. To ride it, surf it, and be knee deep in it. Snowboarding. I imagine waking up regularly at the crack of dawn (never thought I'd ever say that) for the first time ever in my life, just to get first-powder. To get that first run in on the slopes, through fresh, untouched powder. Just thinking about it makes me squirm.

The second reason for going up there, is to sort of isolate myself. I think it'll be very therapeutic and refreshing. I'm a very social guy, don't get me wrong; but I think it'll be nice for me to be on my own, away from home, and just... alone. With the cut down of distractions, I'll also be able to Really work on my writing. Maybe pump out a script or two, and some short stories. God knows I'll have the time for it up there. I'll probably need a job up there, but I'm sure I can bum through it with some "whatever" job. I'll be fine. As long as I have my season pass to Heavenly ski resort, I'll be fine.

Being from LA, and having lived no place else, save for Las Vegas for a couple years, I've never experienced "weather"; as in all four seasons for any long period of time. I'm going to love waking up, and not wanting to leave my bed because of the cold. I'm going to love making myself a fresh cup of coffee in the morning, throwing on a jacket, and stepping outside to drink it in the cold. I'm going to love breathing in that fresh, un-polluted air, and smell that comforting smell of wood smoke coming from someone else's cabin chimney. God, I love that smell. Mix it with cold, fresh, winter air, and you have yourself a cocktail for your nose. I don't know if you guys know where Lake Tahoe is, (Yes, I have become increasingly aware that people are ACTUALLY reading this blog and now I'm addressing you. It's amazing) or what Lake Tahoe is all about, but it's absolutely awesome.

Lake Tahoe is on the border between California and Nevada, way up north from Los Angeles. About a 6-7 hour drive. It's right by Reno, Nevada. Anyways, the lake itself is huge, and it's been described by many as a piece of heaven, because the land around it is so gorgeous. I agree, even though I've never even been there. But I've seen pictures. Porn for snowboarders really. South Lake Tahoe (the area I will live in) even has a Casino strip. So there's like a main street full of Hotel Casino's and nightlife. A little sliver of Vegas basically. A lot of the city is a tourist village area too. With shops, restaraunts, etc. So the nightlife there is awesome, a lot of tourists, and just a lot going on. So it's practically the perfect place for me to spend a winter, aside from let's say Park City, Utah, or Aspen, Colorado. Maybe I'll do those next year... or better yet, I may just move to all the best ski resorts around the world every winter for the rest of my life...

Some pictures:
-I'll be in South Lake Tahoe, on the bottom right hand corner. In the 'Heavenly' ski resort village area.
Heavenly Ski Resort... Snowboarder's porn.

Look at that water...
Emerald Bay
The Casino Strip. Harrah's.


saveyoursoul said...

Sometimes what fits right for you has no comparison to what is right for the "norm"..whatever that is anyway.

Good luck with your adventures.

saveyoursoul said...

It is nice in some ways--in that friendly if you need something ask your neighbor way--but that also means your neighbor knows your illness, failing grades, failing marriage, etc ha.

I live in New York.. aka ..hell. lol :)