Friday, November 14, 2008

Letter to my College Counselor

I should be talking about me moving to Lake Tahoe for the winter, but I have to put that off for now. I guess this leads into that anyways:

So it's 3:12 in the wee hours of the morning and I'm sitting here in front of my fairly brand new laptop that freezes at least several times a week. I'm supposed to be studying for a killer Statistics exam I have in about 5 hours(8AM class). The class is pointless since I've decided to make a big change tonight. I've decided to change my major and start over if I have too. As it says in my profile, I have been attending a community college for the past 4 years...

Letter to my College Counselor
Dear College Counselor:

Wow. I am coming to you in pretty bad shape. As you can see, I have had trouble passing certain classes, and my GPA hovers over a 2.7. Nice right? Well, I have to tell you. I have had almost absolutely no motivation for the first 3 of the past 4 years I have been attending your fine institution. Sure, your college is the best community college in California, boasting the #1 transfer rate in the state. Kudos. I'm sorry to be such a disappointment. You could've spit me out as a successful transfer student in less than two years if I was on track right? It's true. I'd just like to say for the record, that my GPA does not truly represent my academic abilities. It's just that... I didn't know what I wanted to do for so long. Add 'Life' onto that plate, and that's where you'll see the low motivation come in.
I'm frustrated too. I know you don't want to look through my record that's twice as long as everyone else's and be expected to know what exact advice to give me. Yes Counselor, I want to do film. And yes, I know that my current major is Sociology. Why you ask? Well, I guess I was kidding myself last year when I decided to stick with Sociology for the sake of finishing school faster. I guess I'm burned out from going to school for so long, and with my heart and effort not being in it in addition. I thought I'd just power through Sociology, finish it, and finally transfer to a University with that major. But now that the time has come(this month) to apply for transfer, I have come to the realization that spending two more years completing a major that I have no real interest or use for... is stupid. It would make two more years that much more miserable. And yes! I know my passion is film, and writing, so why am I doing Sociology?! It's crazy I know.
I guess all the time I've spent floating through your school made me just reach for the proverbial pistol and take the easy way out of choosing "any" major to finish instead of starting all over to complete film.
Good news though dear College Counselor. I have decided to switch over to the major that I would actually enjoy finishing. Film/Screenwriting. I figure, why waste two more years getting a Sociology degree I have no use for and being unhappy while doing it? Even though changing to film will take extra time, it's fine with me. I'll be extremely motivated in doing well in it because it's what I want to do.
So I guess what I'm asking is, let's throw away all of those education plans we wrote up these past four years, and write up a totally new one. Sorry I know.
And also... We're going to plan this stuff around my Lake Tahoe trip. Yeah about that, I'm moving up there for the winter. Yeah, I know, that'll take up the Winter and Spring semesters. But I need this time. For me. You understand don't you? Of course. So yeah, we'll need to write up those ed-plans for the time I come back.



saveyoursoul said...

Hooray for a major that makes you happy.

It is true- your GPA says little about your passion and ability :)

Good luck.

saveyoursoul said...

Aren't they the most obnoxious things in the world?! Yesterday (friday) she interjected in my 8am class.. (keep in mind I don't do mornings) to tell me (and the rest of the class really) about her interracial wedding and how two cultures "are exploding in one ceremony" and while normally I would think thats cute- I just wanted her to shut up so I could learn about Freud.

Twenty-Something said...

Well good for you!

School is fucking exhausting, isn't it! I just transferred and it tacked on 2 extra years but but I didn't want to spend my life in a career I wouldn't enjoy! So 2 more years is so worth saving myself from the rest of my life in a job that makes me miserable! I totally feel for you!

I think you'd be much happier doing Film/Screenwriting work than writing a lame paper on sociology anyway. It makes the extra time more bearable when your doing something you love!